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Veteran's Day - This Wednesday 11/11/2009

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  • Veteran's Day - This Wednesday 11/11/2009

    First - Let us never forget the great people that put their lives on the line protecting our country and our freedom. For those that made it back, give them our thanks, and for those that died in duty please pray for and thank their families.

    Second - Here is something else to think about. We all need something to help make work and/or life in general nicer for us or some someone special. This Wednesday there should be some good sales so maybe it would pay to check them out ahead of time if you can.
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    Re: Veteran's Day - This Wednesday 11/11/2009

    From me to everyone here:

    You are welcome!



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      Re: Veteran's Day - This Wednesday 11/11/2009

      Make sure we all fly our flags tomorrow. I myself fly mine each and everyday. Freedom is great. Thank you veterans.


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        Re: Veteran's Day - This Wednesday 11/11/2009

        We have the same idea up here on November 11th of every year. We call it "Remembrance Day", and everyone here in Canada shows their support by wearing large, felt, red poppy pins from November 1st to the 11th, in respect and support and appreciation of those who serve(d).

        It's something that's very much drawn to my attention, as I have numerous family members that have served (grandfather, two cousins, distant relatives, etc.), and I'm looking at potentially going in shortly as a CF MP.

        There's a lot of sacrifices that have got us to where we, as a 21st century society, are today. And many more sacrifices that need to be made as we go into the future...

        Bless them all.