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  • Just trying to do my part

    Hey guys been try to get on a little more since the last roundup.sorry I dont post that much but I do read most of the threads. I am a terrible typist and not the greatest speller either. I am a plumber that I can do well.
    Most of you know me and my brother from seeing us at the roundups and I probably should check with Josh before I post this but I didnt.
    The reason for this post is I am trying to raise money for a Charity
    I am involve with a group of guys that play football on Thanksgiving morning to raise donations for Saint Vincent DePaul who do a lot of good in the community. Last year was my first year playing with them and I really had no idea what it was all about. So needless to say I didnt raise much money to help out. This year I was going to put a little more effort into it and try collecting a little more than i did last year even if it was only a couple of hundred bucks.
    Then it happened. As some of you might remember from the roundup Me and Mike missed out on the evening at swings and things because we went to Mikes sons high school football game. Sorry we missed out on seeing you all that evening but we really try to support Mikes boy in all he does plus I love football.
    Well Micheal Jrs team Cloverleaf was playing a rival team Highland close by two weeks ago to try and make it into the playoffs. It was a good close game.
    During the game it was the Kickoff to start the 2nd half. The kickoff from Highland was recieved by my nephew Micheal and as he was returning the ball down the field he was being tackled up high from behind and another kid was tackling him low from the front.
    Two of the boys got up after the play. And I thank God that one of them was my nephew But another of the boys was still down on the ground. He laid there for quite some time and eventually they brough him off the field on a stretcher the game continued and Michaels team came out victorious.
    All that night I kept tabs on seeing how the other teams were doing to see if they made the playoffs but the ended up a like one tenth of a point out '
    It wasnt until the Suday after the game that the news came out that the kid that was tackling Michael ended up paralized in the hospital. I couldnt have felt any worse than I did when I heard that news. His name is Kory Wiita. I went to the guy that runs the Turkey Bowl and asked if any of the money that I raise could go to help out this unfortunate kid. He let me know later that at least whatever I raise could go to help out Kory. And eventually Saint Vincent Depaul said that half of all the money raised by all players could go to Kory. Needless to say I have been on the fundraising trail ever since. I have asked all my friends for donations, family, people I have worked for been going around to local business, now I am here.
    You know I know that times are tough right now. Money is tight people are out of work or have family members serving overseas in harms way. So even if I can collect a couple of dollars from people I know it will eventually add up. I am not asking for anything from anyone that really cant afford to give are that are allready giving to another charity of thier choosing. but for those of you that would like to help out you can go to my website and click on the link to the Turkey Bowl and donate under my name Bill Biegel. The donations go right into an account set up for Saint Vincent DePaul so you dont have to worry about me getting the money and using it to improve my bowling or cornhole skills.
    If any one wants to contact me they can do it through here or better yet through my email
    Not sure it I can do this on here or not Josh so if there is a problem and you can not post this I completely understand. Just please give me a call if there is a problem. because I would really like to help this kid out if I can.
    Thank you all for reading this becuase with my one finger typing skills I just spent two hours typing this

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    Re: Just trying to do my part

    bill, sorry to hear about this tragedy. nice to know that you're on board to help.

    rick and joey.
    phoebe it is


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      Re: Just trying to do my part

      That is an awful story.

      I sent $100.

      Make me look cheap, please.
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        Re: Just trying to do my part

        Good for you Bill.
        You can tell us more about it when you come out for the Westcoaster's mid season Vegas Run
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          Re: Just trying to do my part

          Thanks you guys for caring
          I will try to keep you guys informed of Korys progress
          As I have said so many times on here you guys are more than just online aquaintances you guys and gals are more like family
          I have to get back to pounding the phone and see if I can raise more
          thanx again


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            Re: Just trying to do my part

            Rick I was going to thank you with a private message for your donation but it wouldnt send because your mail box is to full
            Thank you and all the otheres who donated
            It is very appreciated
            I was going to attach a picture of Kory but couldnt figure out how to do it
            I will try again later
            Thank you all


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              Re: Just trying to do my part

              Hi all, this is the web site of the young man involved in this terrible accident
              Vermont Marijuana Dispensary
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                Re: Just trying to do my part

                You guys should make this a cause on Facebook. I'm sure one of your kids can help you set it up if you don't know how.
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                  Re: Just trying to do my part

                  Joey I think my cousin has put it on facebook but thanks for the sugestion
                  And thanks to You and Rick for your generous donation
                  Thank you to Alex for yours you guys are great
                  I told you all I would keep you posted on Korys Condition so here is a recent post from his web page by his father

                  Saturday, November 14, 2009 12:35 PM, EST
                  Kory and Mariann didn't get much sleep again last night. Mariann didn't sleep much because it's a hospital and they don't ever let you rest. Kory didn't sleep much because he keeps burning right through any medicine they give him to try to relax and sleep. He can't turn his brain off and just relax, I guess it has been a tough few weeks for him. (very funny) There has just been alot of stuff for him to process and he is getting very aggravated that he can't get his fingers and hands to work yet, among other things. He is trying everything he can think of and his brain can't fight through this yet and make his body work. He is not used to having this problem, I guess most people aren't, and he feels that he needs more hope and prayers to make it through this.

                  Today he feels like he just doesn't have enough hope, but we are trying to help pump him up and work through this. I guess there will be good days and bad days. Derek flew back from Florida for the weekend so that is helping Kory's mood. This is definitely going to be a long fight and we will never quit!

                  Days when Kory is low on hope everybody's prayers will carry him through.

                  For those who are still interested in donating please do like I said every dollar counts

                  Thank you all



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                    Re: Just trying to do my part

                    Thank you Adam It was very generouse and is greatly appreciated
                    Thank to all others whoe donated also if I have not allready thanked you
                    It will go to a great cause
                    I just got home from the Browns loss so I had best get to bed now
                    thank you all for your support


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                      Re: Just trying to do my part

                      Here are the latest post on Korys condition
                      Thank you all for your caring and generosity
                      <LI class="entry first-entry">Wednesday, November 18, 2009 7:35 PM, EST
                      Fever is gone. It mysteriously and totally disappeared this afternoon. He has had a fever almost every night since this nightmare started, usually only 102 and usually for less than 2 hours. So now we are stuck in ICU for maybe 2 days while they try to figure this out. They are running every test in the world on every inch of his body to get to the bottom of this problem. I guess a 105 fever isn't something that you want happening everyday.
                      At least Kory is breathing better, lungs are opening up again, and he is smiling again. Which I heard from someone that they are contagious, so maybe they will kick us out of ICU and back to rehab if we have something contagious.
                      Kory says for everybody to pray for Josh Cribbs, we don't want one of our favorite players to get hurt, or actually anybody to get hurt. That looked like a nasty hit.
                      Good Night.

                      <LI class=entry>Wednesday, November 18, 2009 1:31 PM, EST
                      One more thing.
                      Please, no visitors for a while.
                      They are worried about infectious diseases, flu, etc.
                      He couldn't afford to get any of that right now, that would be dangerous.
                      Plus this PICU limits visits to parents and grandparents and siblings over 18.
                      Sorry, just pray and he'll be back online soon!!!!!!

                      <LI class=entry>Wednesday, November 18, 2009 12:01 PM, EST
                      I thought we were at the bottom heading back up. This is just getting too crazy. We were moved from the rehab center back to Intensive Care. We have seen just about every PICU unit in northeast Ohio these last few weeks. Kory has a high fever, slightly collapsed part of one lung (getting better) and possibly some big troublesome infection. (No big deal, it is just like the Titanic had a little hole in the side)
                      But we aren't going to sink, we will fight it all off and start rehab again in a few days. As my mom would say "such is life", but actually this seems like a bad day to quit sniffing glue. (laugh here, just a joke).
                      The best part of yesterday was when the main doctor of rehab gave Kory a long speil about how he could get a day pass to escape with his parents if he made alot of progress in the next three or four weeks of rehab. About 10 minutes later Kory called him back in and said he would like the day pass now, for tonight to go to the football awards night. The doc laughed alittle and Kory said, "No I'm serious, I have a speech to give and you have to let me leave tonight" The doc said, "Sorry, but I don't know you good enough yet, and I don't think I can safely let you leave on the first night" Actually the doctor might really be "sorry" once Kory gets to know him more and Kory starts talking him into anything or everything. He can be a persistant pain when he is at full speed.
                      So today I feel like the bomber pilot Ted talks about-
                      "I got one turning and one burning, I would've baled out but I couldn't find my hat." Except that I'm not even looking for my hat. This hospital's slogan is 'Miracles of Hope', and I've been fighting for a miracle and Kory's number one is hope. I think this is a good place for us!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      We'll make it.
                      Keep Praying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                      "These children are the kingdom's pride and joy. Mark this: Unless you accept God's kingdom in the simplicity of a child, you'll never get in." Luke 18:something
                      KORY is GODs pride and joy!!!! (That's what I heard.)

                      <LI class=entry>These are posts on his web page
                      <LI class=entry>Thanks again
                      <LI class=entry>Bill


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                        Re: Just trying to do my part

                        I will keep Kory and his family inmy thoughts and prayers. I wish I could donate, but I can not at this time. I am sorry.
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                          Re: Just trying to do my part

                          Thats fine Rat I understand . Prayers are needed to and I thank you for caring enough to give them

                          Here are the latest posts

                          <LI class="entry first-entry">Thursday, November 19, 2009 4:24 PM, EST
                          I forgot to mention, actually Andy's note reminded me. Two nights ago when Kory's lung was collapsing they were blowing a ton of air into his trache and all he had to do was keep breathing out of his mouth. So he was singing "DON'T STOP BELIEVING" over and over and over, very LOUD and in tune with Journey. It was awesome, I should have taped it. I think he was freaking out some of the medical staff, they probably thought he was crazy, the joke is on them though because I know he is crazy.

                          <LI class=entry>Thursday, November 19, 2009 2:31 PM, EST
                          A slow boring day stuck in ICU. Eight million tests and they all came back negative so far. No explanation for the nightly fevers yet, but all the "negative" tests are good news. His fever only went up to 100.2 last night.

                          He had a big, huge party in his hospital room in the middle of the night. He was laughing and carrying on. I mean real deep belly laughing, making his whole body move. He was messing around with Kyle, Crosby, Joe, Emily, Jess, Andrew and Anthony. Then Zak and Eric showed up too. And those are just the names Mariann heard, it sounded like there were many more people at the party. Kory had a wonderful time even if it was just in his dreams, or in his head, or a little ICU psychosis. That is fine with me, whatever the reason, at least he had a great party and he had a huge smile while talking and laughing with his friends. (Nothing to worry about, he always talks in his sleep and it is good to be crazy sometimes.) I'm very thankful that all his friends could sneak past the ICU guards and have the huge party inside Kory's brain without bothering any of the other patients.

                          Don't get me wrong, ICU is a wonderful place, but it is driving us all crazy. I'm planning on creating a diversion sometime tomorrow and we are all going to escape back to rehab. Kory is sick of lying around and doing nothing, he is ready for some workouts.
                          ps - In case all my friends and family and co-workers and hay customers and ...etc... haven't noticed, I'm about 600 Emails and 174 phone messages behind. I will catch up, someday, maybe. I'm still just too busy living in this new "sucky" life and I haven't got the "flick" yet. Sounds like I'm at work.

                          <LI class=entry>Thanks again
                          <LI class=entry>Bill
                          <LI class=entry>Looking foward to Vegas


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                            Re: Just trying to do my part

                            Kory is out of intensive care now but thats about all of know of his condition so far
                            But that is good news
                            Thank you all for reading this
                            Hope we can all meet up in Vegas. I know Mike is excited about it.


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                              Re: Just trying to do my part

                              I just wanted to thank all those who donated to the turkey bowl we managed to raise a total of over $67,000 for the charity of which Kory is going to get half. Not bad for a group of guys playing a backyard football game. Couldnt have done it without your help.
                              And a special thanks to those who prayed for Kory that is just as important as sending in donations.
                              As far as his recovery is going he is in rehab and has some movement of his arms and hands. His brother in law told me he has even moved his toes. He still has a lot of swelling on his spine and as it decreases we will know more about Korys progress
                              Once again I just wanted to thank you all for caring.