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  • Inflation!!!!!!

    I don't care what the idiots say in Washington DC!
    Inflation is here right now and getting worse.

    In 1996 I needed to replace the small plastic windshield washer nozzles on my dodge van. These are tiny and clip right on the windshield wiper arm.

    In 1996 I paid $2.95
    in 2006 I paid $4.95
    in 2009 I paid $22.95

    I used to joke about dog food..We have two Neapolitan Mastiffs!
    Canned dog food was about $1.00 for 16oz and I said in doggie dollars that would be about $7.00

    Well I am seeing cans now over $3.49 and that's for 12 or 14oz not the 16oz you used to get!

    Well even people food the 16oz can of corn was $0.33 today you get 12 or 14 oz for $1.19

    I am an Amateur Radio operator ka7gkn and talk to folks all over the country [and world]
    I know of only two people that voted for obama...
    What really gets me one of the two is 70 years old ....He's on SSI and medicare etc....

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Inflation!!!!!!

    i also have a 1996 dodge van, among others. damn thing won't die! what you're seeing is productin overhead being allocated over fewer and fewer units as 1996 vehicles disappear from the roads. it's not going to get cheaper, only more expensive.
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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      Re: Inflation!!!!!!


      Well, I won't blame it on Obama (now you know three guys who voted for him) as this has been coming for a very long time. But I suppose it's only natural to blame the guy whose been in office for less than a year, rather than the one who was in office for eight years.

      But, politics aside (I don't want to inflate the discussion beyond inflation ) the prices of food have been going up dramatically. Snacks like potato chips and Doritoes have doubled in the last two years. Four bucks for an 11oz bag of chips that just three years ago sold for less than $2 for 16 oz's.

      Milk prices have steadily risen, and in most the local stores it's well over $4 a gallon. (Fortunately I have one local store that still sells it for $1.99.) Yet the local dairy farmers complain that they haven't seen an increase in over a decade. Everytime my wife goes into Walmart, she points out more and more things that have risen in price. (I don't particularly care for Walmart, but where we used to have eight grocery stores in our area, we now have only two... and the other store is priced higher, catering to the executive class of the company who brought it here.) Simple things like Macaroni and Cheese, Spagetti noodles, soups, etc. Even hamburger is over $3 a pound. Prices are rising quickly too and the quality is going steadily downhill.

      Some of it can be contributed to the fact that we prefer to use some of our food to make fuel, but a lot has to do with a world market where the $ is greatly de-valued. That unfortunately is very political and we'd have to start talking politics and the last eight years or so.

      Another big part of rising prices is that we import way too much of our food and other goods and what little we have to sell is priced at global market prices, even though it's sold to us domestics. So, we Americans have to compete on the world market for what we buy, even though it's made in our own state.

      Meanwhile, I see on the news tonight where the typical Chinese "slave" just loves buying U.S. products... if they can get them. I loved the cute little Chinese slave girl on the CBS News tonight who boasted that she drives a brand new Buick! Apparently GM is doing very well over there, as well as quite a few other American companies including good ol' Kentucky Fried Chicken. (We no longer have a KFC in Corning, it closed two years ago, because there were too few people who had a job and could afford the "luxury!").

      All I know is that you've got to love all those folks (both in government and thier constituants) who are pro-big business. Most of us think that's a good thing, but I've long since stopped wondering about that. Of course there's a blind eye and a NO-vote to anything that might curb business profits, even though it means closing an American plant and laying off an American worker. It's great business and highly profitable when they build plants in China and India and hire those slaves. Afterall, they're buying Chinese-made Buicks and eating Chinese-made Kentucky Fried Chicken while we're sitting here complaining about inflation and the high price of food.

      But, all is not lost my friends... my wife and I have recently discovered that about the only place we can afford to eat out at, is the local Chinese Buffet. Actually it's almost cheaper to eat there than it is to buy food at the local Walmart and then make it at home. And, as one might expect, most of that food comes directly from China too (Actually, I'm not sure which is more Chinese... the Buffet or Walmart.)

      You've got to admit, its sort of ironic, fulfilling the American dream by being in the red to the Reds.

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