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    I'm a shop vac virgin who just bought a planer and it has a 2 1/4 inch vacuum port. The Ridgid shop vac I just bought has a much smaller hose. Three questions: Can I get an adapter? Is that OK for the Shop Vac? And is my 4 gallon shop vac too small for the board planer, which throws out a LOT of wood shavings? Thank you!

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    Re: Shop Vac Question

    I do not have one of the portable planers but mine is a 12" unit, and IMO a shop Vacuum is not the tool for dust and chip collection off of a even a small planer, (even if it does have a 2.5" hose), In my opinion even a full size vacuum is not adequate for a planer.

    If you do not have a 2.5" hole in the vacuum I think your going to have major problems but there are 2.5" to 1.25" adapters, but I do not know if your smaller vacuums have the air volume to support the larger hose, (you increase the hose size and the velocity of the air drops, so the perceived suction also drops),
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      Re: Shop Vac Question

      Which Ridgid vaccuum did you get? 'Cause for the different ones, some of them are available with both types of hose size (1 7/8", and 2 1/2"). Also, yes, there is an adaptor that is available at most HD's:

      That's from the Canadian website for Home Depot - I couldn't find it on, but I do know that it's available in U.S. stores, as I've seen them in-store.

      You can also get a separate "pro" grade hose, which works with both sizes, and has all the trimmings to it:

      Also, I have the little 5 gallon vac from Ridgid, and yes, it should work fine for you - maybe not the greatest, but maybe adequate. It SHOULD have more than enough suction and flow to keep up to the "exhaust" of a planer. The only thing is, is that it will obviously fill fairly fast on you - you will have to keep an eye on it for the first few boards, to ensure you don't overload/overfill it. Just empty it as needed.

      As BHD said, this might not be the best solution. Usually, larger diameter and higher volume dedicated systems for this type of usage would be the best best. But, if it's only going to be a once in a blue moon thing for you, then this is a low-cost solution that could pan out okay. For the small hassle that this will be, unless you really need a larger vaccuum, if this is it's only high-volume usage, why bother with that added cost?

      Hope this helps.
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