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Here is my idea of a TOTW thread

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  • Here is my idea of a TOTW thread

    "Making it in a Man's World"

    While the above icon would be some women's dream, for me, I'll gladly hand over the old tool belt and prop up my feet. Ok, ok, so I'll have to crack my belt accross my (someday...I hope) child's bottom, but so what? It's better than having my own back whipped on a daily basis!

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    Re: Here is my idea of a TOTW thread

    I have no problem with my wife earning more than I do, but I don't care for women in construction. I know a couple women who are great sheetrock tapers, it's all the heavy lifting I don't see them doing. There is the physical aspect and then there is the inescapable social/sexual side of working along side a woman that is disturbing. I'm gonna sound sexist but guys tend to act differently around a female and women deal with adversity differently. I'll work, or I'll stay home and let the woman work, but I'm not working next to one if I can avoid it!