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I'm being watched....and I like it!

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  • I'm being watched....and I like it!

    Everybody, see my signature line below?

    I've thrown out there not 1, but 2 fictitious website urls and twice now someone has bought those domains.

    But tonight, I caught this almost immediately after the second one was bought, and I instantly changed it again.

    Sorry Shanghi dude, I'm slicker than a inside of a jar of KY on a friday night in a hotel room...

    try again.

    Oh and by the way >>>> the time is near for the real one to appear
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    Re: I'm being watched....and I like it!

    How much do you get for them?
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      Re: I'm being watched....and I like it!

      The Japanese are also very good at this game. American copyrights are not recognized in Japan, so they copyright American company names, drug names, product names and sit for on the copyrights for years. When an American company introduces that product into Japan, the Japanese owner threatens to sue and generally accepts a cash settlement.

      Years ago, the Japanese copyright owner of the McDonalds name made a small fortune when McDonalds wanted to open franchises in Tokyo.

      Now a lot of companies have recognizable names so people will try to buy up potential unused internet names for a few bucks and then sell them at a markup to companies that want them.