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Streamlight SL-20X series charger issue

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  • Streamlight SL-20X series charger issue

    Streamlight, Inc. has a free switch and charging sleeve update for anyone with any flashlight in their SL-20X series. If you currently own such a flashlight and it has either a gray or a shiny black charging sleeve you would do well to contact them about this update. If it has a dull black charging sleeve and is less than a year old then you should be fine. If you happen to own or are going to purchase one of their SL-20X LED flashlights, be sure it does have the dull black charging sleeve. There have been some issues with switch failure and minor overheating when charging.

    To find out more, please give their technical support department a call.

    Streamlight, Inc.
    30 Eagleville Road
    Eagleville, PA 19403

    Phone: (800) 523-7488 or (610) 631-0600
    FAX: (800) 220-7007 or (610) 631-0712

    This part is only for the model SL-20X series with 3 LEDs and is not for the older SL-20X series without the LEDs - Please note that unless you have the latest switch and charging sleeve the power failure function won't work. If everything is up to date you can leave the LEDs on, place the flashlight into the charging sleeve and while charging they go out, but in case of a power failure or cord disconnect they will come on. There are two push on/off switches one for the LEDs and the other for the main halogen lamp. Please note that the nylon plastic XP models use a 8 Watt halogen lamp while the aluminum models have a slightly brighter 10 Watt halogen lamp.
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