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Running with scissors - Flight 188 :-(

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  • Running with scissors - Flight 188 :-(

    Flight attendant caught wayward pilots unaware
    32 minutes ago
    WASHINGTON — A call from a flight attendant to the pilots of the Northwest Airlines plane that overshot Minneapolis catapulted the cockpit crew from complacency to confusion.

    Read the article above.

    My 2 cents: The airline industry is like a kid running around with scissors. They are an accident waiting to happen.

    They need to make some changes before someone IS killed by these careless idiots:

    1. Change the text messaging system so that it alarms on EVERY incoming message which must be individually acknowledged by the crew.

    2. Set an alarm that automatically annunciates when a flight overshoots a waypoint of their final destination AND automatically alerts the controllers AND opens a cockpit MIC on a secure emergency frequency so that cockpit activity can be monitored from outside by controllers and maybe also pipe the audio to DEN. (that way they can hear them snoring)

    3. REVOKE the licenses of both pilots with no possible re-instatement. This is gross negligence on the part of both men. And trying to save your *** by blaming the PIC is BULL and any person who would wimp out like that I don’t want as the pilot of my next flight.

    4. Change the protocol for ground controllers such that when a flight is overdue by more than 5 minutes w/o a verbal communication from the pilot that they should alert DEN and make every effort to contact the crew. For every instance when this should occur there should be a inquiry board investigation as to why and the pilots should be grounded until such time as the board has made a decision. This would be similar to police shooting boards and I think rightly so as the possible injury to the public is just as great if not more so.

    5. Copy the newly revised NRC fatigue management rule for employees in nuclear power plants and adapt it to the airline industry; with similar limitations on working hours, time off, and time between shifts.

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    Re: Running with scissors - Flight 188 :-(

    The real problem is that many of the aircraft's prime functions are automated, leaving the pilots with little or nothing to do, aside from taking off and landing. So it's easy to become bored and sleepy.