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Congratulations SewerRatz!!!! Great News

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  • Congratulations SewerRatz!!!! Great News

    I'm sure you are heavily relieved now that you were given the good news.

    It's always enlightening to hear of someone that goes through a tumultuous time in life worrying about their health, and then get the fabulous news that you are not afflicted by something a growing many have not been able to have the same fortune.

    I'm sure it was a group effort by many in prayer and concern from many around you and the internet families you belong to.

    Enjoy your recent good news and I'm sure your scare is an eye opening one. I'm sure Christmas will be a memorable one, that's for sure.

    Just reading the play by play was becoming uncomfortable because too often you hear the other dx that's never something to comprehend, let alone understand.

    Glad to see you're sticking around long enough to be called LUMPY!!!

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    Re: Congratulations SewerRatz!!!! Great News

    With luck like that, it's time to hit the casino!


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      Re: Congratulations SewerRatz!!!! Great News

      Thanks Dunbar, a few Chicago friends are saying I just had a gummie bear removed *grins*.
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        Re: Congratulations SewerRatz!!!! Great News

        Just read the good news, Congrats and Merry Christmas.