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    i'm in the market for a video camera and have no clue what's good, bad, or indifferent today

    my old one was a Sony hi-8 that i had setup for U/W

    looking for recommendations & suggestions

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    Re: video camera

    Steve, I have a Sony Digital 8 which also plays or records HI8, but the way to go now is built in hard drive and no tape. The cameras are much smaller and the record times are around seven hours, which is impressive. I like Sony products so if I was in the market that's where I would start. Buy an extra long run battery if available and switch using them in the camera so they don't discharge too much. The perfect set up for such a camcorder would be a laptop or pc you could download to and burn your videos to DVD's. You could save what you record and clear the built in harddrive. I recently transfered all my Hi8 and Digital8 tapes to DVD and it not only saves space but also prtotects the quality of the image for archiving. Good luck, Frank.