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    Recently I purchased a small yikky-yakky tool [it's not important]. I want to discuss the warranty card/process.

    I can appreciate the manufacturer wanting to know:
    1. model number
    2. serial number if applicable
    3. price paid
    4. when purchased [to initiate warranty count down clock]
    5. where purchased
    6. of course the obvious, name, address etc.

    In some states I believe you simply need the receipt to show proof of purchase date and you don't need any additional actions to qualify for warranty service, it's automatically activated when you pay for it.

    Then we have the boys from marketing step in....

    they ask you the following:

    1. education
    2. income
    3. why did you purchase this tool
    4. do you masturbate
    5. what magazines do you read
    6. what religion are you
    7. what's your favorite color
    8. do you make the decisions when buying tools like this

    Now, I do indeed leave all that blank as it's none of their business but I honestly
    don't remember when this crap was added to the warranty registration card.

    OK to complain about the Ridgid warranty registration process....

    If they want you to register how about simplifying the process?

    Do it on line add the receipt tracking number and eliminate the redundant mailing in of the paper!
    Provide more than one UPC code on the box the item comes in....A price UPC and a warranty UPC would really be nice as when you have other offers you need two UPC codes and they both want "originals"

    I have registered many items over the internet and then eventually needed warranty service of some sort...I never had any problems with LG, Marantz etc to name only two companies.

    Finally, the confusion factor at Home Depot is still at 100% when discussing the 90 day satisfaction policy, 3 year warranty, and the lifetime service agreement policy. Now I realize most rocket scientists have the skill levels to read the information and respond appropriately, but it's the rest of those that buy tools that seem to have difficulties READING and UNDERSTANDING the process....

    Let me ask you to simplify the process....

    1. how about using a darker ink and a larger font so you can actually read what to do?
    Light black ink on dark gray color in tiny print is an indicator you're scamming us!
    2. eliminate spanish! In America the dominate language is removing spanish
    you have more room for larger print and better written instructions. By the way my
    Korean friend wants you to put Korean instructions on the label too!
    3. If the product has the LSA offer include the documentation within the
    Home Depot employees do not know how to handle any questions regarding the LSA.

    I know on this reflector I'm preaching to the choir..

    Just don't even start on "the rebate process"!!!! that's another scam I can give you pages of rants! I ever find the guy who came up with the rebate and coupon concept I'll rip his arms off and hit him over the head with them!

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Warranty & Marketing

    I have a very simple process that I follow when filling out warranty cards, questionnaires, or any non legal form. If I run across a question that I don't want to provide an answer to I simply don't answer it. Case closed............bang the gavel!
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      Re: Warranty & Marketing

      Pictures speak 1000's of words


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        Re: Warranty & Marketing

        "In some states I believe you simply need the receipt to show proof of purchase date and you don't need any additional actions to qualify for warranty service, it's automatically activated when you pay for it."

        If I were a legislator in a state that didn't follow the above policy, I'd propose a law to make it so. But I'm not and the state I live in does. The data gathering tactic often used here (CA) is to offer to enhance or extend the warranty if one fills out and mails in (on line or snail) the information card.
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          Re: Warranty & Marketing

          thats why some companies makes it hard for you to file a claim..