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    Re: What can be done???

    J.C., it depends on how involved you want to get in stopping the abuse. Some towns do crack down on the handicap parking abuse if there is public pressure. Sometimes it's not so obvious to determine if a person has a handicap. They may appear to walk alright but there may be some other condition that warrants the parking permit. I got one of those parking permits when I used to take my Dad for transfusions and other medical appointments when he was dying from age related leukemia. I didn't park in handicap zones unless he was with me, unlike some folks who feel it is a for the car and not the person suffering. I feel the same way about folks who leave pets or children in a car by themselves. The law should be obeyed. Best to leave things to the proper officials and not let it eat at you. My inlaws had tenants years ago a married couple with a three year old who was left alone to wander. I went to the Mom's place of business and yelled at her and when her husband got home he was all upset and got loud with me. I explained the law, the danger of leaving a little child alone and offered to step outside to settle things. they ended up moving and my wife's family was upset with me rather the scumbag parents of that little kid. Lesson of the story is , be careful when trying to get folks to do the right thing, it can backfire.


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      Re: What can be done???

      Originally posted by IamVince View Post
      Not parking but I was at western auto draw-ed my number and was waiting my turn.This pregnant teenager wants to go ahead of me because she says "I'm pregnant." I tell her so what you are suppose to
      I became torn between three responses:
      "I thought you were just fat."
      "Who's fault was that?"
      "Ok, you told me, but does the lucky test tube know??"
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        Re: What can be done???


        Thanks for this post, very interesting.

        Handicap Parking is one of my pet peeves too. Here in the Corning/Painted Post area it seems like 90% of those with the handicap thingy hanging from thier mirror are driving Cadillacs and Lincolns or BMW's. I too watch as they get out and hustle into the store.. no limps, slowness, etc. with far too many of them. So too it seems, are the way too many "quicky" younger people who are there for "just a minute".

        A lot of these folks simply go to the city hall and tell some story and get their "handicap" parking permit and similarly, there are a few place that simply sell you one of those blue mirror hangers.

        Perhaps some of the problem can be erroniously blamed on the fact that many stores have way too many "handicap" zones, with most being empty most of the time; BUT, where's a person's since of honor and self-esteem, the lack of which, gives any able-bodies person the thought of parking in the "handicap" zone? If there are too many of these "reserved" spots, then one should address the issue with whatever governing body is reponsible. Either way, my principles simply would never allow me in that spot even for a minute.

        Personally, I'm of a mindset that tells me that should I forget for even a moment, perhaps my God will address the issue and somehow provide me with that entitlement. No Thanks... I have my pride, I'm more than able to park elsewhere. After all, "There but for fortune, goes you and I."

        The other peeve that I have is with those that park in the "Fire-reserve" area right at the curb, in front of the store. I see these jerks park there.. waiting for whoever is in there shopping. The worse the weather, the closer to the door and often, right in front of the door, so everyone else has to walk around their car. And, OF COURSE, many like to share their favorite ritual music with us... having the volume cranked all the way up as they wait.

        But alas, it is fortunate that most of us were created with the patience and wisdom and sense of civility that keeps us from "punching the ticket" of those that were not!

        Regarding the "cart thing". I too wonder why so many are too lazy and/or too self-absorbed to properly return these things. However, there is a store here in the Northeast that has a rather uncommon and yet very simple cure for the problem. The Aldi chain has their carts chained together with a coin mechanisim mounted on each cart handle. Deposit a quarter and close the slot and the chain releases. Return the cart to the row, insert the chain link from the cart in front of yours (thus locking yours to the rest) and the coin slide opens and you retrieve your quarter! Simple idea and you never see carts left in the parking lot! I'd love to see every store adopt that idea!

        Happy New Year to everyone!

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          Re: What can be done???

          My wife is disabled, she has a licsence plate on her van instead of the mirror tag. She has had 5 spinal fusions and has trouble walking very far. She does not park up front in the designated spaces, she can't turn her neck or back to see well enough to back out of the parking spaces. She parks in the back of the lot so she can pull straight out. It really burns my *** to see some guy parked in the handicap spaces and he comes out and throws 6 bags of concrete mix into the back of his truck! Any disability allows you to get those tags, I have a distant cousin that draws disability and uses his parking tag, his disability is that he is an alchoholic. he shouldn't even have a drivers lic.
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            Re: What can be done???

            MCAS New River in Jacksonville NC had "pregnant parking" at the commisary. Growing up, my friends and I all parked in those spaces, since their is no placard for being pregnant, and it would be rather discriminatory to accuse us of not being pregnant simply because we didn't Appear to be female. Last I heard they wanted pregnant women to get exercise, make 'em park at the back of the lot.
            Originally posted by NHMaster3015
            No, it's not rocket science, it's plumbing and unlike rocket science it requires a license.


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              Re: What can be done???

              I'll accept anyone that goes through the effort of applying for a handicap sticker parking there. Even if I don't agree their handicap necessitates it.

              What I can not tolerate is the lazy ****s that park in handicap spots or in fire lines or the ever popular turn on your hazards and park in the middle of the street while they go into a store. It's obvious we don't have enough cops to patrol and ticket that type of thing.

              My solution

              We have hundreds of angry teenagers that want to break stuff and vandalize things for no apparent reasons.

              Lets kill two birds with on stone decriminalize vandalizing illegally parked cars.


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                Re: What can be done???

                While being pregnant is not a disability, I would extend courtesy and consideration to a pregnant lady. Exercise under the right conditions should be fine, but walking across a busy parking lot, or a far distance when you have all that fliud and a unborn child sitting on your bladder can't feel good. We can be gentlemen without losing our manhood.


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                  Re: What can be done???

                  God I love this guy.