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Rigid R6000 Drywall Screwdriver question

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  • Rigid R6000 Drywall Screwdriver question

    • Ok...I am a newbie when it comes to drywall, but a very simple question. I have purchased a R6000 Drywall Screwdriver and have an entire basement to drywall. What I am noticing is that the torque (clutch?) kicks in before the screw is below the surface (Just about even with the surface).

    Now, I know the depth setting, but that is not it, as the clutch kicks in first with that annoying grating sound. This is maddening me, as I need to go back and finish screwing in with a second drill.

    Is there any way to increase the torque setting? I finish driving in the screw with a small Mikita with a clutch setting of 6 (out of 15), thus I have a tough time believing that the Rigid is having torque problems. Please help this newbie figure out what I am doing wrong!!