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  • Thanks Ridgid

    With the New Year here, I wanted to just take a minute to thank Ridgid for all that they do for us. It's not just that their tools help us do a better job than most, it is all they have done beyond their tools. Last year at the Roundup (09) they really spoiled us, but beyond that all the little things they did for the participants that most of us never even knew happened. I hope this year is a prosperous year for Ridgid and all of their employees.

    Thanks Ridgid-Mark
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    Re: Thanks Ridgid

    nicely put mark

    now go check your nose, it's turned brown

    i looked into buying ridgid stock years ago. unfortunately it's a small piece of the pie. you have to buy emerson electric stock.

    so instead i just buy the ridgid "stock" from them

    stock as in product.

    ridgid should have a very prosperous year 1 k-60 at a time

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Thanks Ridgid

      I would like to say thanks also, considering I am pretty tough on them sometimes. Oh, and thanks for fixing my ratcheting cutter I really do appreciate it. We had a bet going on if you would honor the warranty and I lost.
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