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Pneumatic air hose question

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  • Pneumatic air hose question

    Typically I use the 3/8 "blue" air hose for my pneumatic tools.
    They are typically the Harbor freight variety and are rated at 300psi.

    I have never had any challenges with these hoses.

    I want to run a length of this air hose the length of my full size
    van. The run will be inside and under carpet.

    I need a run about 15 feet long. I do not see any pre-made at 15-20 feet.
    Twenty five feet is too long and I'd end up with a large coil at one end.

    I have seen the 3/8 barbs that you can use with two gear clamps/worm clamps/hose clamps
    I hesitate to do this as I'm not sure if it will not fail? The factory crimped ends have never failed!

    I will have a regulator at the compressor/air tank and will run about 150-160psi through the hose.

    Can I safely and comfortably use the barbed fitting to a quick disconnect?

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    Re: Pneumatic air hose question

    Here is how I would solve your dilemma. I goggled your location and 'hose'

    Copperstate Hose
    5306 West Missouri Avenue, Glendale, AZ(623) 463-7900‎

    Most areas have a half dozen companies that can make a hose of any size, type, or make. They are the guys that manufacturers and warehousing rely on when a air hose or hydraulic line goes.

    Give them a call tell them you need a 15 or 20 foot hose made up. Often it is cheaper then buying air hoses at a store. You'll get something that is rated for what you want with the manufactured ends your looking for.


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      Re: Pneumatic air hose question

      use the barbed hose fitting and a hose clamp, that is all the factory end is but the clamp is a crimped on unit that is put on the barb,
      (when between a rock and a hard spot, I have cut the hose off, taken a bench grinder and grind through the brass crimped on collar acting as a clamp and grind down to the barbed unit, (don't grind the unit), and reuse the barbed hose fitting, and put a worm gear hose clamp on it, usually wrap with tape for not catching my hand on the hose clamp,
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        Re: Pneumatic air hose question

        Only thing I would add is to get the worm gear clamp the correct size. A smaller width clamp that will tightly fit all the way around the hose is better than a wider one that is too large and will not make a good compression for the full circumference. If you are not confident with that, put a little non-hardening permatex on the barbed fitting before putting it into the hose.

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