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2010 RIDGID Video Contest

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  • 2010 RIDGID Video Contest

    Is there any word on a 2010 Video Contest?
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    Re: 2010 RIDGID Video Contest

    last year was a disappointment as the economy was down, yet ridgid went all out for those of us that attended

    then there were those that committed on paper, but never turned in a qualifying video and those that never showed.

    so as far as i know, this years out and hoping for 2011

    but we do have an unofficial vegas get together

    phoebe it is


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      Re: 2010 RIDGID Video Contest

      I believe Rick is correct, it was the "no shows" which put future Roundups at risk. Ridgid spent a lot of time and money putting together and hosting the Roundup so it was unfortunate to see all of the unclaimed bags of lagniappe sitting there.

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        Re: 2010 RIDGID Video Contest

        so no roundup this fall? shucks, i was a hoping to have some fun. the next one they do they will have to create some kids events. i can bring my 5 kids. Mark can bring his grandkids like last year.
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          Re: 2010 RIDGID Video Contest


          Looks like someone's putting that word of the day calendar that Santa brought them to good use.........
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