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Katrina New Orleans vs. Haiti Earthquake

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    Re: Katrina New Orleans vs. Haiti Earthquake

    Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post
    What does being one of the "loudest screamers" mean? That I wouldn't approve of any other country assisting? I don't think I would protest some assistance from some countries like Canada, Australia, Italy... etc. based on the little I know of them and the give and take between us.
    The problem is, primarily, is that us darn Canadians are just so nice that we don't ask to be thanked, glorified, promoted internationally, put on a mantel, etc.

    I remember when Katrina hit, and the tense lead-up to it, and the horrible aftermath, when we were putting together our action plans up here. I remember seeing the news reports about Cuba offering 1500 or so medical staff - doctors, nurses, etc. I have to say, it was laughable to see the U.S. turn that down (similar to French offers of assistance), and for purely political reasons. Cuba is communist - that's there, yes. But, the U.S. still has trade/state dealings with Cuba, through the embargo. And this has no direct tie-in with the political situation, to turn down these docs. Their docs are no different from Canadian docs relatively. And if you say that the political atmosphere does affect that situation, then might I say...Iraq and Afganistan. You don't want medical help from Cuban docs due to political differences; the people of Iraq don't want diplomatic help from Americans due to political differences. One, you shut out; the other, you occupy. You need to be fair on both sides, IMO. Dish it out and take it as well. If you need to eat humble pie once in a while, so be it - that's what being a democratic and responsible nation is all about; flaunting your humble weaknesses and embracing your mistakes, just as much as your might and strengths.