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Just My thoughts when registering my impact driver

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  • Just My thoughts when registering my impact driver

    I did not get my free Impact Driver when I submitted my registration and proof of purchase when I bought the combo set that included the 18v Hammer drill, flash light,skill saw, and reciprocating saw a few years back so I had to buy to this one. I bought it because I 1. needed it 2. already had the combo set
    I wanted quality and it was between Ridgid and Dewalt which I own both. I should have bought the dewalt because they have never screwed me on a "purchase this and get this free" deal.
    I know you'll look into it and not find anything about my "FREE" impact Driver. I already considered it a loss anyway.
    I just hope I didn't make a wrong choice here. The other Ridgid power tools I have work fine except the hammer drill. The speed selector on top broke off. I know I can get it fixed free and I will. This is not a complaint about the speed selector just a statement.

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    Re: Just My thoughts when registering my impact driver

    We have a # of makita 18 volt tool . They are awesome! Jigsaw,impacts, 4" grinder,
    sawsall.[ super power] We also bought one ridgid 18 volt kit. Works fine, but the makita battery's have much longer work time.
    I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .