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    Re: Buy Another

    i'm just playing on your words
    the only dumb question is the one that is not asked!


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      Re: Buy Another

      Oh, I see it now. Duh. I had wrote, "...about people only putting gas in an engine..." I get your comment now.

      Come on!!! You know what I meant!!!!! I already get it from Joey (MrsSeatDown) every once in a while, now I have to worry about you too?!!?! Hell, I only make a select typo / grammaticialal () error every once in a blue moon. Cut a guy some slack!!!! I'm just trying to conversate here!!!!

      (It would be funny to see someone put it directly in the engine though. "Duh, whatz a fuel tank fore anywayz??!!)


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        Re: Buy Another


        i replaced my tv with a plasma last night. i had to bite the bullet sometime. if i get 3-5 years out of it i'll be happy.
        it is only a 42 inch it looks a little small but the kids will have to get used to it.

        sure beats $2,000 for one and 2 years!
        the only dumb question is the one that is not asked!


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          Re: Buy Another

          Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
          I've noticed that no matter how well I care for tools, the planned obsolescence always wins out. Just a few examples that come to mind are the very expensive condenser microphone which used a "mercury" battery, no longer made. My motorola cell phone which did not have GPS capability and was taken out of service! Now my Sony digital camera which uses a memory stick, no longer available. I have not included the many items in my home and garage for which parts are "discontinued". Thanks to the Internet I have been able to scrounge around and find some parts to help prolong the inevitable, but we certainly live in a disposable, time stamped world. You may think you are buying the most advanced whatever, but given time it too will need to be replaced.

          You don't have to buy those things.

          Let me show you what I just bought, Some say I am "stupid" But I am smart ;-)

          Oh also - I can eat whatever I want because well, I am actually using the energy the food gave me

          Oh also there tools are also considered "green" or "eco-friendly"

          Its just when they were made, (before everyone was lazy) there was no such thing as global warming (wasn't dreamed up yet)

          So in closing, Old tools still work Oh and THEY LAST!

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