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Entertainment or Exploitation?

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    Re: Entertainment or Exploitation?

    The whole UFC thing is interesting, fighters are well conditioned, well trained and the referees are very watchful. Part of me finds it entertaining and very impressive until the blood starts flowing, then I feel like part of the roman spectator crowd and very guilty. The thing I don't get is having the same two fighters face eachother over and over again. Come on, if two guys have fought more than once and each has won, then you have to figure it's anyones win depending on the night. Gonna be real scary when these guys get old and some of them get dementia, no joking a well trained fighter even an aged one can be a dangerous thing!


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      Re: Entertainment or Exploitation?

      Nice touch toward the end from the dumb a$$ filming.

      She says "we can press charges. I got it all on film"

      Yeah, well your film also shows one of you stole his bag and one of your friends saying "lets go through that $hit"

      The old man might be crazy but he's just crazy enough to not take someones $hit. Nothing wrong with standing your ground.

      I don't think race had anything to do with this. Yes they both made a white and black comments but they were arguing/fighting and in arguing/fighting you go after what is different then you.

      If it were 2 white guys, one fat and one skinny, it would have been fat a$$ and skinny a$$.

      Rich man vs poor man
      gay man vs straight man
      Mainer vs flatlander
      trash man vs banker

      Come on, it's fighting, not time to bang bongo drums and talk about feelings. Save that crap for the beer summit.
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        Re: Entertainment or Exploitation?

        I can't watch cage match fighting or all that other hoopla because I start taking pain meds every time I see an injury.

        Oh Damn! (pops pill for comfort) "That had to hurt!
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