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75th year anniversary RIDGID wrench set

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  • 75th year anniversary RIDGID wrench set

    Does any one know the value of 75th year anniversary RIDGID wrench set its in perfect condition and in the box.
    I am trying to help my father in law sell it who has cancer and in need of financial assistance.
    Thank you

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    Re: 75th year anniversary RIDGID wrench set

    every now and then they show up on ebay.

    i think if you get $100 you're doing good.

    i have the same brand new set and i doubt i'll ever use them. it's more of a collectible conversation piece.

    good luck and hope all goes well for your father in law.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: 75th year anniversary RIDGID wrench set

      I would guess you could check Ebay for a few weeks and see if one comes up and what it sells for, (yes Ebay messed up the collectors market in many areas, as first there willing to sell below what the said value of a collectible is, and it brought much more to the market place and thus many items have dropped in value, to what they may have been a few years ago pre Ebay, but that is where I would look.
      this set brought $44.00 and this was over seas, sale, even tho the seller was US based,
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