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    Re: pumper show photos 2010

    Originally posted by BrandMan View Post
    So Rick is heart broken that he hasn't seen pictures of the show? Well, have no fear. A RIDGIDConnect job report featuring pictures and video from the 2010 Pumper Cleaner Expo has been created for all of you to enjoy.

    Here's what you have to do to see the report.

    1) go to
    2) While you are here - click on the bar at the top of the page and register for the sweepstakes. I think you will like the prize package... ;-)
    3) on the upper right of the page you will see RETRIEVE YOUR JOB REPORT
    4) in the two boxes input the following code: Reagan & Trevor - forum

    Thank you for the Report on the show. It was well put together. Next time I go I am making sure I have a camera that is up to the task of traveling with me.
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      Re: pumper show photos 2010

      Thanks BrandMan! Excellent coverage of the show.

      There Rick... now ya have plenty to watch and look at.


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        Re: pumper show photos 2010

        i like the yellow box feature that allows you to highlight an area and scroll over it.

        looks like steves hair still has not grown back since i shocked him at the roundup

        you know even though i have dozens of ladders, joey is going to want a purple ladder

        looking forward to the lt1000/ ridgid, dell link to come

        so you see, you got the photos up i was asking for and got the connect introduced to the forum

        does that mean i win the $25,000 prize

        good job and thanks for the show and tell

        phoebe it is