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American Idol - 2010

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  • American Idol - 2010

    Do any of you watch American Idol? Sometimes I watch it and I think they are now down to the top 12 contestants. There is a guy Michael Lynch that can really sing up a storm. I hope he continues to do well. I do like that they now have Ellen DeGeneres and Kara DioGuardi as new judges in place of goofy Paula. Randy and Simon are still on the show.

    I only watch it now and then so I have some catching up to do. To my old ears, most of the contestants really can't sing that well.

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    Re: American Idol - 2010

    Am I really the only forum regular that takes any interest in American Idol? I don't care much for the show or who wins, but I sometimes watch it.


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      Re: American Idol - 2010

      I watch it. One of the contestants, Crystal Bowersox, reminds me of Janis Joplin. She went to school with my niece so I am rooting for her.

      Simon seems like he is bored being there. Guess he can't wait for his contract to be over.


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        Re: American Idol - 2010

        I watch till they hit Hollywood then I turn it off, Then I start watching again when the final 4 are left.
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          Re: American Idol - 2010

          I don't much care for it. Kind of promotes a certain demographic and style to me.

          Tom Petty, AC/DC, Jay Z, etc. etc. etc. would NEVER make it on American Idol. Guess I don't favor their demographic choice much.

          But I have been getting into the Fox Series Human Target. Like a new James Bond story every time.