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    Re: Freedom Alliance

    Originally posted by JTROANOKE View Post
    I think the majority do want healthcare reform. The system has evolved into a hornets nest of paperwork driven by business types with no concept of medical care. What the majority don't want is government run health care. Name one thing the government does that truly cannot be done more efficiently by private industry. All health care would need to be fixed would be a law stating that everyone pays the same for the same service. How can a hospital provide surgery for insurance company A for $3000, for insurance company B they charge $5000 and for the poor working guy with no health insurance, he pays $12,000. That is the kind of crap that needs to go away. I am not saying that each hospital needs to charge the same as the next hospital, but rather within each hospital they need to charge one price for the same service. If Mcdonalds charged different prices for big Macs based on who the customer worked for, there would be riots. Why should health care be any different?
    The military.

    Example of privatizing, look at Blackwater.


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      Re: Freedom Alliance

      Originally posted by SpiffPeters View Post
      I agree with her. And so should every American.

      Democracy isn't about who is the loudest. Last summers town hall theater was a sham. People were given scripts and instruction on how to disrupt these meetings.

      Disrupt. Got it? Disrupt. Not contribute, not challenge, not to disagree but to disrupt and prevent others from sharing their views at these meetings.

      Why should someone who was bused in from another district be allowed to disrupt a public meeting between a congressperson and their constituents?

      Do you have more evidence where the dems have accused dissenters of not being true Americans, because that example doesn't cut it.

      Now forcing congress to pass the so-called Patriot Act on the eve of the mid term elections was a clever way of making every member of congress 'prove' they were patriotic. Can you imagine having to explain to your constituents back in the fall of 02 that we voted against the Patriot Act? And no one beat the drum louder then, and now, than FOX News and their pundits as to what a good American said and did.
      Spiff, I think the comments by Pelosi do "cut it", when in power the democrats don't want dissention. They are as bad as the republicans whether or not you want to believe it, or admit it. Fox News did nothing to change what Bush did to further the war, bailouts and useless stimulus, the same way they did nothing to stop Obama from doing the same and crushing driveable vehicles.

      I voted for change and got lies and bullies, their actions prove that. I've already said I don't like hannity or beck but I still think Fox News while openly in support of republicans, is better than the alternatives.

      I'm sure as hell not going to watch this moron, who is a clone of beck, playing to a specific audience. Pick your poison but open your eyes that in the end the news stations like politics do not serve everyone.

      Brave Americans are dying in iraq and afghanistan, I wonder if the democrats would treat war protestors any differently now than in the vietnam era? Much as I can't stand the republicans, after the lies by Obama I will be voting republican all the way. I will send my message that it's not okay to ignore the will of the people.


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        Re: Freedom Alliance

        Franki - You think it's not only okay, but your constitutional right to prevent me from voicing my opinion at a public meeting with my congress person. I disagree.

        These disrupters have more in common with a two year old than a patriot.

        The whole purpose of these militant disrupters was to get on the TV. How many town hall meetings went off without violent verbal attacks? Most I would guess. But one or two 'events' is all it takes to get on the TV and create the illusion that Americans throughout the country are rioting. And FOX News did a wonderful job of not only running with this, but promoting it.

        Say what you will about broadcast news, but they didn't promote the teabagger events. They didn't gin up the crowds (You Tube has examples of FOX News reporters and producers getting the crowd riled up before the camera's rolled). FOX News is to the RNC as the glove is to the hand. This is an absolute fact. You may agree with the news their editors and producers air, but that isn't how journalism works.

        BTW, what does FOX News have in common with ABC, NBC and CBS?

        It's a corporate owned and operated 'news' outlet. Matter of fact, Rupert Murdoch is second only to ABC in terms of media holdings. So FOX News is almost the biggest of the bigs. Objectivity is not in FOX News DNA. That is a simple fact. You can have a preference for their selection of reporting and their 'interpretation' of the facts, but it doesn't change the fact that FOX is a partisan outlet, first, second and last.

        Oh yeah, look at the videos of the teabaggers in the halls of congress yesterday. They were swearing, yelling racial epitaphs and spitting at congress members as they walk by. I'm sure FOX News considers these people real patriots.


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          Re: Freedom Alliance

          Originally posted by cpw View Post
          It is easier to do when you've got 10 years of taxes and 6 years of benefits. If you run the analysis out farther, that is no longer true.
          They ran the analysis out for the first ten years AND the second ten years. So twenty years in total.