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  • Fire Pit Recommendations

    Anyone have recommendations on a backyard fire pit?

    This would be set up on a wood deck not on the ground so not looking
    at a masonry pit but more like one of those bowls which sit in a frame
    or on legs with a spark screen.

    LOML would like me to put one in (now that its here idea ) so looking to
    find out which brands or styles to stay away from and what is out there that is good.

    Is water accumulation in the bowl a problem? If yes then how do you deal
    with it? Keep the pit covered (after it cools) to keep water out. How about the copper bowls, do they hold up? Copper color would look nice with our deck color but I wonder if they are made from a heavy enough gage sheet to last.

    I'm looking for a fairly large one, about 45 to 50" in diameter, to fit in the semi-circle you can see in the photo below at the end of the deck.

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Fire Pit Recommendations

    The bottom 1/4 of a steel barrel setting up on something a few inches to keep heat off deck [bricks?] Sand in bottom to shield heat. Sheet copper on the outside for appearance. The inside will turn black. The removable barrel lid covers and quenches the fire. No need to wait for the fire to go out before covering. If the cover is left slightly ajar the fire will burn down to ashes and leave no coals to deal with.


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      Re: Fire Pit Recommendations

      Use the inside of an old washing machine. Works perfectly.
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        Re: Fire Pit Recommendations

        a CI chiminea? or maybe a clay one?

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