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  • DC Shooting

    Do you think the story of shooting in Washington DC this morning would have died so quickly if it wasn't gang warfare.

    The media seems like they wanted it to be a militia group.

    Some how since it was just gangsters it is less important.

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    Re: DC Shooting

    No blonds were hurt in the incident. It is kinda like all our disaster reporting, If they don't find victims viewed by the media as likable characters, it's never front page material.


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      Re: DC Shooting

      Did the story die there already? It sure hasn't here yet.

      There are huge sections of this city that I refuse to work in and that area is one of them. Pretty much anything on the south side of the Anacostia River is off limits. Ward 8 has over 30 percent unemployment and that's just the number of people that WANT to work. That's a hell of a lot of people not working. A whole quadrant of the city that's just a No Mans Land. No hope at all for those kids. Things are really deperate. They have our illustrious former mayor Marion Barry to thank for their plight.

      I was born and raised in that neighborhood where the shootings occurred. I remember being a scared white boy in an all black neighborhood. I would only go outside when the Good Humor truck came by. He seemed to know that unless he stopped right at my front door and not down at the corner that I wouldn't come out to buy a Dreamsicle. The most vivid memory as a child was watching a group of teenagers beat up my mom just to get her purse. If my old man hadn't scored a nice job in the late 60's I'd prolly still be there, in jail or dead. When you're born into that poverty it's tough to get out, especially being the youngest of seven kids.

      Now these kids are shooting into random crowds with AK-47's, freaking unbelievable! Thank God we have the new hand gun ban!

      This is just the beginning. As the weather warms up here it will only increase. By the weekend there will be another retaliation.....


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        Re: DC Shooting

        Yeah it is all done on Fox and CNN.

        Hopefully they can get a handle on it.

        Marion Barry said its just groups of friends having a dispute. So I doubt they will.


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          Re: DC Shooting

          "When you're born into that poverty it's tough to get out............"

          I use plumberscracks's words but my response is not intended as a reply to him. But yeah know, I'm getting sick and tired of hearing that lame excuse used over and over again. What is so tough about going to school and actually studying for 12 years? Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can better themselves if they just try. Those who don't make it out have never really tried.
          Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian."
          ------- Henry Ford


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            Re: DC Shooting

            Did you drag yourself out.Shaking your peers along the way.They make it quite hard to escape.