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    On a Wednsday night...

    Anyrate, every have one of those days where everything just seemed to work? At least for the most part?

    Well, today I managed (With help from my co-worker of course) to slam out three jobs where the both of us finished at the same time, so our emplyer can fire off a bill with the peace of mind knowing not one of us was idle at any given time. Then after work, I managed to hammer out a few more chapters of my bookwork for the military, THEN went out and bar hopped for 5th of May, where I meet all sorts of people; One of whom is a racing competitor for my employer, another is an well endowed Italian woman the same age as I am, AND reconnect with a well grown woman whom I was childhood friends with, all at the same tavern I frequent. The only "flaw" I was able to find was the fact that the both of them were with their dates tonight, but oh well!

    However, with the one girl I knew since I was a teenager, I did in fact ask her out on a date, when her "date" was right there behind me the whole time! BUT, I did state it was "nothing serious" AND for at the very least to catch up on old times. If that man had decided to grab ahold of me, and kick my behind something aweful, I would not have taken it personally. Fortunately, nothing of that nature has happened, and best of all, I ended up shaking hands with him with a polite goodbye on my part. Best part is: I'm going to see her again this weekend, since she lives right next to my parents' this Mother's Day. Goddamn this is an awesome night.

    Thank you Cinco de Mayo!!! I have about 60 ounces of Bass ale in me, and I'm CHARGED! I haven't felt this revved up since my college graduation!
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    Re: 42 minutes ago...

    don't know to thank you or warn you

    but sounds like you're out of the slump

    phoebe it is