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Oh my poor eyes!

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  • Oh my poor eyes!

    Hang on folks here comes a rant!

    Next time you buy a can of paint, or cleaner, or other "chemicals"
    at Home Depot or anywhere..try reading the information on the can!

    1. I remember when it was all ENGLISH and stated the simple facts and user instructions! and it was actually helpful and readable!!!!

    2. today you have the lawyer dribble, safety stuff, user instructions, every conceivable warning and it's in ENGLISH and spanish.

    3. They type font size is so small even a typical magnifying glass makes it a tough read!

    I wonder if in Canada they print the information in English, French, and spanish?

    Try to read the instructions on a simple can of spray paint!

    How about using ENGLISH, and a larger size font! If the demographics is such a different language is required insert a sheet under the cap!

    Any electricians look at the tiny multilingual instruction paper found with an 120vac outlet? Or the plumbers reading the installation sheet of a small brass fitting?

    Then we move to the IKEA style of instructions..Are we so stupid that we no longer can comprehend written instructions ??? They provide the European style universal assembly drawings ....Then with really poor drawings leaving the potential for errors very high!

    I really think it would be refreshing to read instructions on a paint spray can that simply states:
    1. clean surface prior to painting
    2. adjust nozzle for spray pattern
    3. do a test spray on scrap material
    4. proceed to spray
    5. allow x-time to allow for drying
    5. clean up

    Warning: if you're stupid enough to inhale, eat, drink, apply to skin,
    use improperly, damage materials tough! perhaps you're too stupid to use this product!

    The motivation for this rant is based upon the idiot women who was scalped by her vacuum cleaner's beater bar I think she was trying to clean it with the thing running.

    The women who burned herself spilling hot coffee on herself while driving and trying to drink at the same time..

    The guy who lost his hands reaching under the running lawn mower
    to clear debris from the blades...

    Cactus Man