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    Re: Canada?

    Originally posted by Big Jim View Post
    I already live in the 14th Canadian province/territory.
    It's called Florida. At the end of the snowbird season
    we like to say that happiness is all the Yankees headed
    north...with a Canadian under each arm.
    Very funny! I too live in the 14th Canadian Province and I know what you are saying. Remember for a while it was fashionable for all the snowbird New Yorkers to have bumper stickers that said "I love NY" and then some of the locals around here started getting bumper stickers that said "If you love NY - then take I95 North". All kidding aside, I like the Canadians. I can't really say the same about some of the New Yawkers


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      Re: Canada?

      Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
      Montreal & Quebec, myself and a couple buddies. We were quiet and respectful but were treated like crap, you could feel the hatred towards Americans. Very bad experience and I for one would not return. My wife has family in Canada, she was born there. Canada was a stopover for folks from her part of Italy before they settled in the USA. Her memories and experiences were very different from mine. I also remember U.S. customs going through our car and luggage as if we were major drug smugglers. Guess it was our age and the times.

      I will probably visit if one of her cousins gets married, but they are getting up in age and the odds are getting slim.

      Now if you asked me if I would go to St.Croix, I would go there for half my pay. Absolute paradise.
      Geeesh. Quebec in the '70's???? No wonder you hated it! There was all of the FLQ stuff going on, with the "Crisis" stuff, etc., etc. Even now, it's disgusting in the way that Quebecers (and unfortunately, it's mostly Montrealers) in the way that they treat outsiders. There is an egotistical self-centeredness that's in place in Montreal/Quebec. Hell, it's so bad, I think most of them hate themselves!

      Come to southwestern Ontario, or go west coast (Vancouver, Alberta, etc.), or out to the east coast (PEI, Nova Scotia, etc.). Night-and-day difference from Quebec.