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Lowes takes responsibility for being clueless

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  • Lowes takes responsibility for being clueless

    I needed to pick up an item from Lowe's on Friday. The store is over an hour away so I checked the online inventory for the store first. Seeing the item is in stock I also called and confirmed with an employee. An hour and a half later at the store, the clerk pulls out the wrong item. I explained the difference in the model #, one is standing pilot and the other is elect. ign. In this case I needed a standing pilot. This twit turns to me and says well just plug it in. If the cabin had power his insight would be menza material.

    I was irritated enough when I got home to email the company headquaters not expecting any return from them. Within 3 hours there was a return email from headquaters and a forward to the Manager of the local store. Within 24 hours the store manager emailed and asks me to call him to resolve their failures. I am surprised they are actually taking any action.

    I will be speaking with the manager today. Any thoughts as to what would satisfy wasting 6 hours of your time?

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    Re: Lowes takes responsibility for being clueless

    Maybe free delivery of the correct heater to your home, not the cabin. That way, you're only out what you would have been originally if they had got it right to begin with. Lowes on the other hand would be paying a price for wasting your time on your original visit.
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      Re: Lowes takes responsibility for being clueless

      I forgot to mention I already found the right unit for $125 less than Lowe's. So we are set to install next week without them. Also Lowe's said the right unit was 50 days out with them. I swear I think I found the last unit in all of Colorado.


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        Re: Lowes takes responsibility for being clueless

        Glad you found what you were wanting,

        I am not sure what you were getting a heater or a cook stove,

        I needed up ordering a peerless, range, as it does not need any electrical power, to operate, they trucked it in from the factory,
        model Range P36S328BP both the burners and oven can be lit with a match if power is out, most units use a glow bar on the oven, this one does not. we did choose to go with the electronic ignition as power is on most of the time, but wanted to have the ability if needed. and the sealed burners are nice.

        wife loves the 6 burners and the grill that is with it,
        MY DD was out last week making cheese, she had 5 stock pots on the stove heating them at one time, two 5 gallon ones and three 2 gallon units, and still had room for heating up noon dinner, this week she had two large canners on canning milk, (it seems like one day you have more milk than one needs and the next week they all go dry at one time )
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          Re: Lowes takes responsibility for being clueless

          Shopping at Lowes was your first mistake.


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            Re: Lowes takes responsibility for being clueless

            that's just how the home centers are

            i've given up entirely on calling ahead

            if I don't know where it is in the store, and I need it fast, I call someone who knows what i'm talking about, which is not ever a box store

            an old employer forced me to use the blue box for everything possible....i've had them waste literally weeks of my life

            their "commercial services" are a real joke too