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  • Carpet cleaner

    For many years I have used the Hoover Steam-Vac line of carpet cleaner/dirt extractors.

    I have Mastiffs with really big feet and they can not read the floor mat by the door that says "wipe your feet". With irrigation ...flooding the property every two weeks in the summer I give the dogs lots of mud to play and track into the house.

    I digress.............

    I always wonder why some are called "steam cleaners" as most home
    owner designs just use the water temperature you

    The Hoover did blow warm exhaust air but that's meaningless.

    Well my third steam-vac finally died and the cost of repair parts and
    availability was very discouraging! It's also not the friendliest to take apart!

    So instead of spending a hundred dollars to rebuild my unit I opted to
    spend major bucks and buy a "real" carpet cleaner.

    I'm waiting for delivery of a Rug Doctor mighty-pro-plus. [blue colored unit]
    This is the smaller unit with a cleaning width of about 9-10". It also includes an upholstery attachment and a floor cleaning unit.

    The obvious difference I see is it describes it's pressure, and sucking ability. It also uses a different style of brushing....

    Anyway, I never rented one as I was always concerned about the last user that "abused" the machine or never cleaned it properly after they were finished.

    I wonder if any of you are using the Rug Doctor line of carpet cleaners..and what cleaning solutions you have found to be excellent?

    I have typically used the Home Depot line of ZEPP carpet extractor cleaning chemicals.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Carpet cleaner

    I just use vinegar and water. Commercial carpet cleaner solution leaves too much soapy solution behind and makes your carpet looks really clean, but when the soapy solution dries out, it makes your carpet sticky and will attract dirt faster. A Vinegar solution will clean your carpet without the sticky soap left behind. Much safer for the enviroment and cheaper too.


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      Re: Carpet cleaner

      You could try a product called Folex, you can get it at Home Depot. It is a spot carpet cleaner, but has instructions for use in machines on the bottle. We had carpets cleaned and a few days later had a spill, so I had this stuff I used to clean the truck seats and carpet really well, and used it on the stain. When I finished, the area I cleaned was much brighter than the rest of the carpet. I got out the old household Steam Vac and recleaned the carpet and each pass was very visible. This stuff works!