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    Re: Be Prepared for Life

    [QUOTE=Kevin Jones;300842] Perfect example is a large number of hypothermic victims are found naked. Why? Because they felt hot and could not rationalize the situation.QUOTE]

    no, they were just trying to keep warm, or go out with a bang

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Be Prepared for Life

      Sometimes you have to take drastic measures which save your life. I believe such an act is much more heroic than waiting for someone to find your body. It takes a special person to be able to go into survival mode when needed.

      There was a young man who was mountain climbing in Utah and was trapped when an 800-pound boulder rolled on to his right hand. After 5-days he went into survival mode as he knew no one was going to find him. All he had to work with was a multi-tool so he forced his forearm against a rock and broke both bones. He then took his "free if you buy the $15 flashlight" multi-tool and amputated his forearm. While he was hiking out he ran into a family from the Netherlands who gave him some water and a couple of Oreos while he waited for the Rescue Team. He went on to write book "Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

      "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

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        Re: Be Prepared for Life

        Very good advice on the need to not panic. But unfortunately people just do... I really don't know why that is. So many cases where solutions are right there in front of a person, and yet their minds simple "go off".

        We had a case several years ago where a group of deer hunters got separated. One young kid simply got lost in the heavily wooded terrain when darkness fell. His buddies searched for awhile and then just figured they'd resume the search in the morning. They found his body, because the stupid kid just panicked... got scared in the dark and obviously very cold, he apparently shot himself.

        I used to spend a lot of winter days just hiking around the hills when I was a kid. I loved the winters, as back then nobody was out in the woods and you could go for miles and not see any human tracks. I had an old pair of ski's and it was always a great adventure. But whenever I was out, I was prepared to spend some time, just in case something happened. Had my canteen, first-aid kit, rifle, whistle, matches, and rations. Winters were never a big deal, but always an adventure to be loved.

        I've participated in four Air Force (Plattsburg AFB) sponsored winter survival courses up in the northern Adirondacks. These were always 4-day exercises held in late February when NY winters were about at their worst. You simply learn, that there are many ways to survice a few days in the field, no matter what the weather. I've slept outside in 20-below with winds gusing to 40 knots. If you're properly dressed and prepared it's not a big deal. But the worst time I saw, was when it was 28-degrees and raining.... now that was tough!!!

        But even then, a little training and ingenuity you get through it. Nice part of those exercises were that you were never alone, you always were "buddied up" and the AF graders came around and checked to make sure you didn't "flip-out" on them. Always at the top of the training was to keep your cool and think and do what was needed.