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G20 Summit?

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  • G20 Summit?

    Why is there always a good size group of people that get so wound up at these summits?

    Should I be wound up too?



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    Re: G20 Summit?

    They nees to lock the whole bunch up.

    "Somewhere a Village is Missing Twelve Idiots!" - Casey Anthony

    I never lost a cent on the jobs I didn't get!


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      Re: G20 Summit?

      Do the G's ever get together? Anyhooooo, they both pretty much told Obama to take a flying leap. Ahhhhhhh so much more popular we are with the Europeans now that that mean old Mr. bush is gone


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        Re: G20 Summit?

        For the most part I only get wound up over the idiot protesters.
        They use the G20 as a platform to whine and moan about everything.
        These a-holes destroyed business fronts, looted, burnt police cars and desecrated the war memorial on university (thankfully only with chalk and climbing on the statues). The 2 billion of my tax dollars spent and the asinine things it was spent on get me wound up too. 2.5 million for a fake lake for them to take pictures by that was only erected for a week! The real lake Ontario was less than a mile away from the convention. Every delegate was made 10 different meals in 10 locations buy 10 chefs teams to make it more difficult to poison the delegates??? The other nine meals were scrapped because they might be poisoned. I could go on but the chances of offending someone increase and that is not my intension


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          Re: G20 Summit?

          The G8, G20, IMF and WTO are just tentacles of the same beast, the New World Order.

          Borders mean less and less, and national sovereignty means little.

          Resistance is futile. By the time anyone realized what was going on the game was already over.

          Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

          "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country....corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."
          -Abraham Lincoln
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            Re: G20 Summit?

            So what the hell is going on I see wall street goes up 200 points one day and then down 300 points the next day and the world follows, I read the US has a debt problem and unemployment is through the roof, but all on this forum are raking it in and are as busy as hell, I read Europe is bankrupt but have been bailed out, China continues to boom so the US must still be there biggest customer how??, I just wish the economists would tell the truth and let us have the bloody depression or reccession and then we could get on with it the uncertainty is killing business.



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              Re: G20 Summit?


              The economy in the past two years has been outstanding. It's difficult to imagine a more robust economy.


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                Re: G20 Summit?

                Yep, it's just a booming around here. Everyone's got a job ( some have two or three) wages are through the roof. Taxes are low, Towns and cities have so much money in their coffers they don't know what to do with it all. Pretty much everyone has either forgotten about or does not give a crap about the trillions of dollars that we are in debt because our man Obama is standing ready at the presses to print out all the money we need. Never had a better economy. Any talk to the contrary is just those mean old Republicans trying to make Obama and his policies look bad. Why oh why won't they just leave the poor man alone and let him shape the nation into his own socialist mold ?
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                  Re: G20 Summit?

                  It is all a matter of perspective. Remember that old saying 'A rising tide raises all boats'?

                  The new CBO data — the most comprehensive data available on changes in incomes and taxes for different income groups — also show the following:
                  In 2007, the share of after-tax income going to the top 1 percent hit its highest level (17.1 percent) since 1979, while the share going to the middle one-fifth of Americans shrank to its lowest level during this period (14.1 percent).
                  Between 1979 and 2007, average after-tax incomes for the top 1 percent rose by 281 percent after adjusting for inflation — an increase in income of $973,100 per household — compared to increases of 25 percent ($11,200 per household) for the middle fifth of households and 16 percent ($2,400 per household) for the bottom fifth (see Figure 1).
                  If all groups’ after-tax incomes had grown at the same percentage rate over the 1979-2007 period, middle-income households would have received an additional $13,042 in 2007 and families in the bottom fifth would have received an additional $6,010.
                  In 2007, the average household in the top 1 percent had an income of $1.3 million, up $88,800 just from the prior year; this $88,800 gain is well above the total 2007 income of the average middle-income household ($55,300).


                  Bush's tax cuts, that provided the greatest benefit to the top 1%, by 2008 had cost the US $1.7 trillion. No spending was cut to offset this reduction in revenue.

                  And we must not forget that globally, the economy is doing very well too.

                  The world’s population of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) grew 17.1% to 10.0 million in 2009.The world’s population of high net worth individuals (HNWIs) returned to 10 million in 2009, increasing by 17.1% over 2008.
                  HNWI financial wealth increased 18.9% from 2008 levels to $39 trillion. After losing 24.0% in 2008, Ultra-HNWIs saw wealth rebound 21.5% in 2009.Ultra-HNWIs increased their wealth by 21.5% in 2009. In terms of the total Global HNWI population remains highly concentrated with the U.S, Japan and Germany accounting for 53.5% of the world’s HNWI population, down slightly from 2008.

                  So again, it is all a matter of perspective.


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                    Re: G20 Summit?

                    Yes indeed.... perspective
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                      Re: G20 Summit?

                      Not sure what that means.

                      All kinds of jobs were suppose to be created after the tax cuts in the earlier part of this decade. Instead, not one single new job was added in eight years. And it only cost us $1.7 trillion!


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                        Re: G20 Summit?

                        Yes indeed. And it's all George Bush's fault. Everything is Georg Bush's fault.
                        If only he hadn't given all these bad rich people a tax break. Now they are all sitting on their fortunes and laughing at all us poor folks. Everyone knows that when you give rich people money they squirrel it all away instead of re-investing it or buying consumer goods that keep factories running and people working. Far better to tax the living crap out of them and make them pay for the privledge of busting their humps to make a fortune. Hell, lets by-pass the whole tax thing altogether because they always find loopholes anyway and just go in and take the money away from them. Nobody deserves to be rich. Everyone should be at the same level of misery regardless. All those poor people should have the same benefits as the rich even if they don't want to work for it. What Obama really needs to do is to fine and punish the crap out of BP and put those damn capitalists out of business so that thousands of people working for them can get on the welfare with the rest of us. Yes friends, the economy is booming. The CBO ( that's congressional budget office ) you can surely believe every word that comes from them right? absolutely, why would they lie? Forget about the thousands of towns and cities that are laying off teachers and slashing budgets because they have no money. Forget about the interest on the debt, we have no intention of paying that back anyway. Keep on believing the dream and it will come true!


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                          Re: G20 Summit?

                          Those tax cuts were suppose to create jobs, at least that was the claim put forward by Bush. The idea was that the financially elite would reinvest those windfalls into more jobs. Didn't work. We gave $1.7 trillion that you, I and the next several generations will be paying the interest on. Those tax cuts were more expensive than our Deporting Democracy program in the middle east.

                          But I don't hear anyone complaining that those tax cuts didn't create on single net gain job in eight years.

                          As for blaming Bush, well, yeah, it was him and the rubber stamp congress that ran this country and economy into the ground. Besides, there is plenty of evidence that Bush and his supporters blamed Clinton for many years.

                          SEAN HANNITY (3/14/2001): ...the Clinton economy and the near recession we're in because it's the Clinton economy...

                          SEAN HANNITY (3/26/2001): ...this is the Clinton recession and the Clinton economy...

                          PAT BUCHANAN (9/27/2002): ...there were opportunities to take out this al-Qaeda's leadership ... President Clinton really evaded this issue...

                          RUDY GIULIANI (5/21/2007): It was the policy of the Clinton administration to have regime change in Iraq, so in a way, George Bush carried out what Bill Clinton wanted to do.

                          SEAN HANNITY (2/10/2005): Trouble could be brewing in North Korea, but is it all the fault of Bill Clinton?

                          RICK SANTORUM (10/1/2008): Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were two organizations run by Democrats, that was abused by the Clinton administration...

                          NEIL CAVUTO (10/7/2008): I might just be cynical that this is a scandal that can date back clearly to the Clinton administration...

                          FRED BARNES (12/22/2008): You can go back to the Community Reinvestment Act under President Carter and all the things President Clinton did...

                          June 9, 2010:

                          STEVE DOOCY: Explain what happened during the Clinton administration that impacted what is going on right now in the Gulf.

                          DICK MORRIS: Congress, at President Clinton's urging, passed legislation exempting the oil companies from any payment to the government for royalties for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico ... it's why we had all this new drilling in the Gulf.

                          STEVE DOOCY: Right, it started under Clinton.
                          Back when the middle class was thriving, the effective income tax on millionaires was over 90%.

                          The financially elite are counting on you to defend their right to reach into your pocket and take that which you earn by the sweat of your brow.


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                            Re: G20 Summit?

                            Ah.... so you do watch Hannity you closet conservative you


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                              Re: G20 Summit?

                              Observe is more accurate. In many ways I am indeed conservative. And the party that has trumpeted themselves as conservatives for the past fifteen years are anything but conservative. Their words do not match their deeds.

                              I'm an independent, which in Oregon means I don't get to vote in the primaries.

                              Neither party has the average (by which I mean the other 99%) American in mind when they are in DC. They both line up to serve whoever can fund their re-election campaign.

                              What I find interesting are the common folks who cheer on the aggregation of wealth in this country as if that is a good thing. Sure it worked for Bill Gates and a handful of others. But by and large the American dream of becoming a industry tycoon is even less likely than a kid growing up wanting to be the next Michael Jordan.