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A real problem registering online?

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  • A real problem registering online?

    I've just purchased a Ridgid 8,000 portable generator and today, I decided to register it. I found the whole process of registering the generator online a very very difficult process.

    The site made is so hard for me to find registering the portable generator, that I got the feeling that they may have done is purposefully to discourage registration. That, OR, the programmers simply don't know how to make things easy for consumers to quickly register online.

    Then, after you register online, they also want you to MAIL THEM a copy of the receipt and the cardboard cutout from the box, and then MAILED TO THEM!.

    They also ask for the generators serial number. Okay, fair I go to find the serial number on the generator, and low and behold, I could not find it. And, I even used a flash light to be sure I didn't miss the serial number.

    What I'd like to know has anyone else had a similar problem with registering with RIDGID, or am I the only nut with this dilemma...
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    Re: A real problem registering online?

    I register all my Ridgid tools through the mail since you have to send them the UPC and copy of the receipt anyway. It takes about 8-9 months but you will receive a letter in the mail showing you are covered.