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Not Enough "Holidays"

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  • Not Enough "Holidays"

    Holiday is vacation in other countries as I'm sure many of you know. I was recently doing some reading & discussing this subject with some from other countries. They said it does not include "bankers days". I azz-u-med that means national holidays. And it could be taken at anytime...even all at once. Told it is common to get 25 when starting a new job.

    Could you imagine going to your boss and saying, "I'm taking August off."???

    Italy 42 days
    France 37 days
    Germany 35 days
    Brazil 34 days
    United Kingdom 28 days
    Canada 26 days
    Korea 25 days
    Japan 25 days
    U.S. 13 days


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    Re: Not Enough "Holidays"

    Many studies have shown an inverse relationship between "days off" and the productivity of a country. Look at the list and then look at the productivity of that country.

    Another issue, what is going on in Europe with their benefits being cut to balance their countries budgets? Greece, Spain, Italy and other countries are falling on hard times and experiencing rioting because of their lost benefits.

    American workers are the among most productive in the world but our productivity here is also falling due to the large numbers of unemployed.


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      Re: Not Enough "Holidays"

      Not sure where the data comes from but around here you typically get 10 vacation days when starting with a company. 15 days after probation - usually after 1 year but not guaranteed. There are different holidays for every province but all have 12 recognized holidays.


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        Re: Not Enough "Holidays"

        I'm lucky to get three days off a year, not including sick time.

        Last year, I was able to take a week off in June to tour
        England. However, keep in mind, one I was already in England on orders for my two week deployment for the military, and two, it took A global economic collapse to shut work down enough to spring me the free time to stay an extra week before going home.

        Still pisses me off to no end over the fact it consumed a month's pay to afford five days of honest vacation (Not including the time for the flights), since the plane ride home ran me $730 alone. Those Europeans have it right, work to live, not live to work. No wonder why we had to separate from the British, they are a bunch of smart little bastards that know what the hell they are doing.


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          Re: Not Enough "Holidays"

          Every day is a holiday when one enjoys his work plus if we wish our four weeks annual leave plus our eleven public holidays plus the rostered day off once a month yes its a year long holiday here in Aus.



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            Re: Not Enough "Holidays"

            being in business for yourself, you can have as many holidays as you can afford too many is not good for business

            i probably work 285-300 days a year. give or take a few

            phoebe it is


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              Re: Not Enough "Holidays"

              In the portable toilets business, holidays=busy season for the most part. My crew is guaranteed Christmas, Easter and New Years Day off. Beyond that, be prepared to work.