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Talented Maniac?

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  • Talented Maniac?

    I enjoyed this one.


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    Re: Talented Maniac?

    No a talented IDIOT who if he gets hurt will take the hospital bed of someone waiting for an every day life threatening operation.



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      Re: Talented Maniac?

      Oh come on, he's a kid, he's just doing what many other boys have done when they believed they are invincible. You never did anything stupid when you were a that young, especially with a bike?

      Heh, a quote from the late George Carlin I happen to enjoy is this, "You know what kids today need? Dangerous fun."


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        Re: Talented Maniac?

        That was an amazing video! The balance and strength that kid has equals a gymnast. The bicycle is tough too!

        Thanks for posting that.


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          Re: Talented Maniac?

          Very impressive.

          The guys got something going for him that's for sure. I wonder how many tumbles he's takin to get to this point and he makes it look so easy too.

          We all do some dumb things in our youth, but I suppose that to a large degree is what "youth" is for. But, there's a big difference in what appears to be dumb and risky, yet quite athletic, planned risk, and adventuresome. I like too, the couple of scenes where the fellow took a moment to put certain public "props" back where they were. Shows some measure of responsibility and respect... something which is not often present with many people, young or old.

          As far as taking up a hospital bed, in denial of somebody needing one... I suppose that is a point, but then how many of us could be accused of doing the same... like smoking, drinking, or eating too much, not getting enough exercise, carrousing with wild women, and generally driving too fast (both motor vehicles and life itself). Perhaps that's why most hospitals have an abundance of empty beds... just waiting for the foolishness in many of us. On the other hand if we all go through life as wisely and as safely as we possibly can, what do we end up with... not much "adventure" to look back upon, and then we learn that in our utmost care, we get cancer from just the things we don't know about and die anyway.

          And YES... that bike is one nice piece of equipment; sure beats the old Rollfast that I had in the 50's.

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            Re: Talented Maniac?

            I like the beginning. He fails twice.

            First screwing up his spokes and beating them back with a board.
            Then falling flat on his face.

            Then SUCCESS! I like that kind of determination to drive on with a person focusing on what they can do.