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  • Lsa

    Is there a way to get a copy of your LSA ID number in order to get service on one of your registered products?

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    Re: Lsa

    Did you try calling Ridgid Customer Service and ask if they have a way to look it up for you?
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      Re: Lsa

      Yes, but they told me that they did not have a copy of receipt on file. I went on and asked how did the rest of my information get posted on the registration page if I did not mail it along with my UPC label? She customer rep did not have a response. So I now have to dig for a copy of my receipt from several years ago, it does not make sense.


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        Re: Lsa

        I believe the entire premise of the LSA was simply an excellent marketing ploy.
        I look at this program in a similar vane as the "rebate programs"!!!

        The company determines that most folks will simply not bother with the arduous task and grief of applying for the program. Thus they sell lots of products anyway!

        With respect, a three year warranty is in itself a good program.

        In today's immediate access via computers etc. it is shameful that
        the registration and verification process takes so long..I personally accept 30-60 days to process not 6 months or longer.

        In some states you don't even need to send in the warranty card as the receipt is your proof of purchase...AH, then they invented the ink fading receipt that self destructs in 30 days!

        To be fair here....Once someone does achieve the LSA status of a product and actually needs to use it they are well ahead of the game.

        From reading many posts discussing the LSA program I believe RIDGID does not encourage its use.

        1. Most Home Depot employees and managers have no clue what it does and does not cover or how to apply for it.

        2. Frequently LSA details are not even included with the product and only those in the know, know how to access the program.

        3. It appears the LSA is also very selective and often a product in a kit is not need to research this to find the details.

        4. How come the LSA is only applicable when RIDGID tools are purchased at Home Depot? There are other "licensed retailers" selling the same products!!!! If indeed this is because of the "special agreement" with Home Depot then why is it not obvious and again, why is it Home Depot is oblivious to the program?

        The concept of the LSA is a good one. Most of the time it's confused with a WARRANTY! These are two completely different animals.

        With a warranty you expect fast and specific results. The LSA provides free repairs for defective products with many limitations...
        if you abuse the tool and it fails even the LSA will not fix your inappropriate use!

        On the other hand after the formal warranty period and the device fails the LSA will/should provide a free repair service...NOT REPLACEMENT! AND this is not through Home Depot!

        Now the LSA service process is also a mess...Most areas have limited "official service facilities" Many seem to be other entities that also by the way service RIDGID tools. Most of the time due to inventory costs they do not have any stock inventory of repair parts..It's simply unreasonable for a small shop to have thousands of dollars of inventory on their shelves!

        As we have all experienced, the availability of parts is awful! and the majority of the time places other than RIDGID parts offer a faster ship time and sometimes at a better price. The official service centers have the same parts availability challenges.

        SO...what do you do?

        You still buy the RIDGID tool as they are still very good and if not abused quite reliable and perform as specified.

        You have most of the time a 90 day no questions asked return option and a three year warranty.

        The LSA although a scam [from my perspective] is still an interesting and potentially useful insurance to keep you product working.

        I would say go through the LSA procedure, photocopy everything, Do it exactly as they ask ..if you omit something all bets are off just as if you're sending in a rebate form. If after 6 months to a year you do not have any response play the customer service game.

        The bottom line as with any brand tool..understand how the tool is to be used and for what purpose, use it for its intended design, use it safely, do not abuse it, take care of the tool and you'll have it for many years.

        Remember, a twenty dollar 12v drill is for a weekend homeowner to use. It's not designed to be used 6 hours a day 7 days a week building a house. For that you need a Professional type tool which is built for a different style of use.

        Most professional tools have bearings not plastic or metal bushings, use metal gears not plastic that will fail over time, have higher quality parts and obviously cost a lot more than twenty dollars and are designed for continuous use.

        I have had the 18v RIDGID tool line now for close to 6 years. The only failure I've experienced has been an 18v 2.5AH Ni-cad battery. Since I prefer the newer 18v 3AH lithium-ion batteries I am not going to repair it.

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          Re: Lsa

          If your tools show up in your Dashboard as being covered by the LLSA then I would print out a copy of that and bring it with you to the Service Center. The serial number of your tools are listed in the Dashboard so all the Service Center has to do is match up the serial number on your tool with the printout you brought in. That process makes sense to me but I can't guarantee it will work.
          I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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            Re: Lsa

            I have been struggling to get a cordless drill registered that I purchased in Dec. 2009! I completed the requested paper work, made copies of everything (just in case) and even sent it registered mail. I received confirmation from USPS that it was deliverd (and made sure I kept a copy).

            April of 2010 rolls around am I have not seen a LSA card. I submitted a request through the Ridgid online system and recevied a response that they were still processing Nov. 2009 purchases and that I should sit tight.

            Just sent another online request a couple weeks ago and received a response stating they had no record of my registration and I should call the Customer Service Desk.

            Is this experience common? I just purchased an R4511 and decided to register online (though you still need to mail in some info). I definielty plan to use registered mail again.