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  • My New Tool!

    I finally got a Propress! I got the 330 C, so it has a cord. I did not think it would be so big and heavy but I guess in order to press 4" it needs to that big. I got a great deal $1000 and it looks and works pretty new. I really needed it for 2" but if I like it I may get the 100B it seems smaller and less expensive. I'll post after I use it and let you know what I think. I have been against using them but seems to me it might be the new way. So I finally caved in
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    Re: My New Tool!

    Man at $1000 does this person have any more 330C for sale? That is a great deal. Welcome to the ProPress club for men.

    When I bought my 100B off of AJ Coleman, I was debating if I wanted the bigger unit or the smaller one. I was really looking at the 330C myself due to the fact that everywhere I be using the unit I would have power so no need for a battery tool. But then I started to think 98% of my work is 1/2" to 1" and I never run into 1 1/4" so I opted for the 100B since it was cheaper than the 220B unit and the biggest difference is it did not come with the 1 1/4 jaws. If I need to do 2" or bigger, I can rent the bigger Press tool from AJ Colman, so that was my deciding factor.

    Man what a great deal.
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      Re: My New Tool!

      $1000. you stole it it's worth $2700 new.

      let me know if you need 2.5-4'' jaws as i have an extra set.

      phoebe it is