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    BEWARE!!! Wikipedia had a link in the Ridgid Tools article, "Ridgid Tools website," and that link goes to "" I was suspicious when I saw that it only had saws and wrenches for sale, and really got suspicious when I saw that the graphics were pirated from other offshore sites. The "whois" on the link is private, but shows a Netherlands address. I think Ridge Tool legal department needs to check this out!

    If an administrator for this site needs more details, go to and see for yourself.

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    Re: Look out for ""

    Best thing would be for Josh or some other representative of RIDGID to contact Wikipedia and set the record straight. Since Wikipedia articles can be written by anybody, this is bound to happen. A classic example of why you can not trust everything you see or read on the WWW.

    "Trust but verify" should be your MO when cruising the 'net.
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