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  • Miter Saw Model #

    I have a Ridgid 12" compound miter saw, several years old, pre-slide, pre-laser. Where do I find the Model number? Hoping to download owner's manual.

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    Re: Miter Saw Model #

    MS1290LZ maybe? Are you sure this saw was pre-laser? It's possible that if you bought it used the arbor mounted laser was removed before you took ownership. That saw came with both the laser washer and also a normal arbor washer for use without the laser.
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      Re: Miter Saw Model #

      Nope, I bought it new. Am including links to pix this time.


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        Re: Miter Saw Model #

        Good news, Gang. Downloaded the manual for the model you mentioned and saw that there is supposed to be a plate in the back with model and serial #'s. Upon closer inspection I found it, but had to adjust the table angle to view it. Turns out to be MS12502. I have downloaded the manual and will attempt tomorrow to make fine adjustments to blade.

        What started the whole thing was an attempt to cut a hexagonal piece of wood using the 60 degree detente. Because the blade angle was off slightly, the angular errors were cumulative, and the finished piece looked like crap.

        Thanks for your indulgence.