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  • Dakota's New Baby Girl

    Hello all!

    Well, I have been off the forum for a couple months while intensively learning a new FULL-TIME trade - "Fatherhood"! The good news is our little girl arrived on the eve of Father's Day, June 19th.

    Nothing I have learned could really have prepared me for the moment...the challenges and the rewards I have experienced in the last couple of months. I had intended to share this earlier, but have been pre-occupied with adjusting to life with a new baby...for those of you who have had kids, you will know what I am talking about. For those of you who haven't and are expecting, you will come to a whole new level in understanding the challenges of fatherhood when you go through this yourself! It is amazing!

    Mylan Amelie Wagoner is our first and I am excited to introduce her to all of you. Here are some pictures of my baby girl:
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    Re: Dakota's New Baby Girl

    "Thank Heaven For Little Girls". Spend plenty of time with her, you'll be glad later. Seems like I had all the time in the world when my girls were little, turned around and they're grown and moving on. She's a cutie!


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      Re: Dakota's New Baby Girl

      That is awesome, congrats to you and your wife. As Frankiarmz said spend lots of time with her, they grow up fast. My only child / daughter is 19 years old now. I look at her and wonder where the time went.

      Congrats again and she is a very cute little girl.
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        Re: Dakota's New Baby Girl

        Beautiful little baby, and family.

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          Re: Dakota's New Baby Girl

          jason, glad to see you and your wife are doing good along with mylan

          thanks for learning the trade 2-3 months prior to joey and i. i'm sure we can learn a lot from the 3 of you

          seems like the ridgid forum is going to have a new section for the kids. josh and helen are tailing right behind along with wrench spinner and mrs wrench, gear junkie ben and dan lawrence, anyone else care to share the class

          rick and joey.
          phoebe it is


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            Re: Dakota's New Baby Girl

            Congratulations, she is beautiful.

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              Re: Dakota's New Baby Girl

              Congratulations! My "little girl" is 17 and just drove herself to school for the first time today. Enjoy every minute as they do go by fast! I remember her going to work with me in her car seat. Riding around while I serviced portable toilets! The poor dog would get wrapped up with TP every time. He looked like a victim of a horrific crash. I don't mean to steal your thread but rather share some of the fun things that you're going to remember in 17 years!

              I'm happy for all of you!


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                Re: Dakota's New Baby Girl

                Thank you all. I really appreciate all the warm responses.


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                  Re: Dakota's New Baby Girl


                  What an absolute beauty she is!

                  Congratulations to you and your lovely wife.

                  There is absolutely nothing... and I mean nothing, that compares to being a father. I've been one for forty years and still remember like it was yesterday our son's birth and almost every moment since.

                  I wish you and your wife and that stunning little angel of yours the very best future possible.



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                    Re: Dakota's New Baby Girl

                    Congrats Dakota
                    beautiful baby
                    My granddaughter is almost 4 and i cant get enough of her
                    Enjoy her