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  • ZIPPO butane insert

    Let me start by saying:
    "I have no business interest in this product what so ever."

    I have used a ZIPPO lighter for my cigars for many years. I have always had issues with the ZIPPO lighter fluid leaking in my pocket and causing a chemical burn on my leg!

    I have found the Z-plus torch flame butane insert to be OK. Mine actually lasted close to 4 years plus. I have experienced intermittent flames and problems getting the electro quartz ignition to work every time.

    I just came across the answer for the infamous ZIPPO! and the right flame!

    It's called the "Thunderbird butane insert." It is manufactured by VECTOR/KGM "WWW.vector/" and I believe [so far] it's made in USA!

    You can Google "Thunderbird butane insert" and you'll find various user reviews and even a U-Tube presentation.
    I purchased mine on E-bay for about $9.49 plus shipping. The typical price is around $12.00-$14.00.

    Instead of the typical piezoelectric igniter it uses a flint like the original ZIPPO. The unit has no wick! Thus when you strike it you get a real flame as if it was a fluid ZIPPO flame.

    With the Z-plus when you remove your finger from the lever the flame goes out!
    With the Thunderbird unit you can remove your hand and the flame is ON until you close the lighter.

    The insert is well made and the chimney with holes is even chromed and thicker than the original ZIPPO unit! It is also reasonably windproof.

    This insert makes a butane ZIPPO perfect! and if you have the ZIPPO BLUE butane lighter you know what a hassle it is to use. I'm surprised the folks at ZIPPO never came up with this elegant yet simple design.

    Vector also makes a Thunderbird insert for pipe smokers!

    Anyway I thought I'd share this find with you

    Cactus Man

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    Re: ZIPPO butane insert

    Thanks for the useful post. I don't smoke, but I carry a lighter. I carry a butane lighter although I like many of the designs Zippo offers. The modification you describe will allow for the convenience, dependablility and other benefits of butane along with the classic styling of Zippo. Thanks


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      Re: ZIPPO butane insert

      I'm a Lotus fan when it comes to my cigars.

      I have a couple of colibri's..but I'm sorry I wasted the money on them.