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  • Weather station

    Any of you folks have a home weather station?
    I have an older Oregon Scientific system.

    I have looked at possibly updating to a newer unit like the Peet Brothers
    I prefer a cabled [wire] system to a wireless as I'm not too keen on climbing my antenna tower to replace batteries every few years or so.
    Even the "solar" operated units have some limitations.

    I have looked at Davis, La Crosse etc.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Weather station

    I have never had one but have eyed a few. I find weather prediction interesting and the forecasters are rarely right here.

    In Maine our weather changes so much the saying is "if you don't like the weathahh heahh, just wait a minute"

    I have had one of these weather stations

    They also sell one to the tourist as a gag. It says:

    If stick is wet, it is raining.
    if stick is frozen, it is cold.
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      Re: Weather station

      I had the first generation Peet Bros when they first came out about 15 years ago, worked well for what it was. I took it down about 6 years ago when we put a new roof on the house so it wouldn't get damaged and somehow it never made it back up. It never quit on me though.

      Are you looking to become part of Citizens Wx Service or whatever its called?

      Here's one persons wx home station near me.
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        Re: Weather station

        Hey Gene!

        I thought that Maine had 10 months of winter and 2 months of damn poor sleding