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Well, my grandfather passed away.

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  • Well, my grandfather passed away.

    At the age of 80 due to heart failure. But at the very least, he did much with his life, especially with being a reverend in the state of New York. While at the very least, this did not come as a shock, I did get to spend one last moment with him right before his final moment. It just rips me in two considering my last words to him were, "Grandpa, I'm going to Afganistan next year for six months.", as well as if I had gotten married at the age he did, as well as my own parents, he would have lived long enough to see his great grandchildren. However, that is a rant I'll spare everyone. I'll let it be known that besides being a minister, he also painted, co-directed a youth camp (Of which I attended as a child), as when he hit the age of 18, enlisted in the Navy in 1948 in the Medical Corp.

    For now, I'll share a poem he wrote (And illustrated himself) in 1969 after the lunar missions. For those of you that reside in Australia, I hope you few can appreciate this poem as well:

    Title: "The Lights of Perth"

    "A white plumed arrow aimed aloft,
    Above a country green and soft;
    Upon whose pinnacle is put to rest
    That which nation calls it's best.
    Of men and skilled technology,
    Who need offer no apology,
    That many a dream of men and boys
    Should end in such a thundering noise.

    It rocks the Cape, that changed it's name,
    to one with more resounding fame:
    Leaving behind a fiery wake
    That dares it's sounds to overtake.
    Moving with so much power and thrust,
    The human brain it dared not trust,
    Nor rest upon the calculation
    Of mere mortal man's evaluation;
    A nameless point is fixed in space
    Toward which this silver dart must race,
    Locked on to a computer's cell,
    More accurate than Father Tell.

    From this mighty metal brain
    The data flows in endless chain,
    That rectifies the slightest flaw
    To keep this craft from pitch and yaw.
    Banked about this modern wonder
    (Guards against a human blunder)
    Stand more machines of odd design
    Which keep the other ones in line.
    With spinning wheels and whirling cog,
    They set a layman's mind agog.

    While far down range another station
    Spreads the news to every nation,
    How this missle in unerring flight
    Has reached it's pinnacle of height.
    How, no longer tied to earth,
    Will measure our terrestrial girth.
    In wingless flight as still as death,
    This man-made bird, without a breath,
    In solitary silence pace
    Accross the trackless void of space.

    Monitored the world around
    By relay station on the ground;
    Equipped with all the best gear,
    A sightless eye, and electronic ear,
    That of it's course each moment mark,
    Use man's power of observation;
    To see and know this awesome sight
    And know the feel of weightless flight.

    To peer far into chilling space
    Or study earth's primordial face.
    Find now in their epic flight
    They're slowly sinking into night.
    And beyond horizon darkened earth
    The now behold the lights of Perth.
    The lights of Perth, so far below
    Sending forth their cheery glow;
    No light signal sent in Morse,
    To keep this comet true to course,
    But more the salutary kind
    That reaches out from mind to mind.

    Who like Mary, the Bible told,
    Before the Lord did Martha scold,
    Bur our deal Lord, who knows the heart,
    Said mary chose the better part.
    So have you, Australian frieds,
    Shown man upon the heart depends
    To excel in communication
    Of man and nation with nation.
    You lit your lamps for men to see
    And not for telemetery.

    But as the man, whose strength is spent,
    Upon his homeward way is bent,
    At last does spy the cottage light,
    Warmly shining throughout the night,
    Knows it betokens more than guide,
    But speaks of love and homes hearthside
    So does your light shine out in space,
    These solitary souls to brace.
    And warms the hearts of many more,
    Who anxious wait on distant shore.

    God bless you all, good folks of Perth,
    You've shown your love to all the earth.
    As this missle bends away,
    To slowly enter into the day,
    And meet on high a flaming dawn,
    The memory of Perth lives on,
    Outshining every other light
    That pierced that stark celestial night."

    FCD, 1969

    Thank you and good night. Yet again, I have drill to go to for the weekend, so I may not respond for a few days.
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    Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

    Very sorry gunner. Sounds like a great man. Good you got to share time. Mourn the loss, and celebrate the life.



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      Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

      my condolenses on your loss


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        Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

        Tailgunner, I'm sorry for your loss but envious that you knew your Grandfather and remember him as a great man. This may not be the right time, but while you describe your Grandfather's accomplishments as honorable and memorable, I see the same in you!

        You are a man who has persevered with your education, trade/profession, and service to your country. I'm positive your Grandfather passed away knowing his Grandson turned out to be a fine man. I thank you for sharing his words and thoughts, may he rest in peace. Frank
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          Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

          Condolenses on your loss. Thank you for sharing with us.
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            Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

            Sorry to hear about your grandfather.


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              Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

              I'm sorry Gunns
              Softens my heart i bit to know a good man is with his god.
              Thank you for sharing with us.


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                Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

                Sorry for Your loss. Glad You saw Him before He Graduated. You were Lucky to have Him ,and He will keep You safe . Thanks for Your service Tool
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                  Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

                  sorry for your family's loss,
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                    Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

                    Thanks for his service and yours too. I really hate to see that generation go.
                    My condolences to the whole family.
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                      Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

                      Sorry to hear, Tails. Condolences.


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                        Re: Well, my grandfather passed away.

                        Sorry for the delay, my laptop has been malfunctioning for the past couple weeks.

                        I'll extend a thank you for the support offered here. The funeral service was very well done: A euogy encompassing his time with the Ministry, then ending with a military burial complete with a small honor guard and "Taps" playing in the background for his service as a Navy Corpman. Among the six pall bearers I was chosen to be one of them. This weekend, I'm ordering a frame for my grandmother to house the flag that draped my grandfather's coffin during the burial. I hope I order the right size.