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  • Miner In The Pod!

    First one coming up. Hope they all make it soon.


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    Re: Miner In The Pod!

    Simply amazing! The other part that really amazes me is the President and his wife are there and have been there since the first man came up in the pod!

    obama would be suing the the mine company and stop all mining! Then go play basketball.

    I have a new respect for Chile and it's President..I'm sure they have plenty of issues etc. but right now miner #15 has surfaced and the enthusiasm is the same as when the first man appeared.

    They also have experts from all over the world including USA to help solve the challenge and expedite the rescue process. obama during our oil spill was setting up law suits and political crap ignoring the real problem! and going on vacation.

    Finally they have also controlled the press to ensure respect to the families and not to crowd the workers etc.

    See what's missing?

    tree huggers, locust kissers and protesters!
    This entire event if happened in PA USA would be a media circus!

    Congratulations Chile! I am very proud of you!

    and for those wondering yes I hate obama he is indeed worse than carter! I just hope we can fix this mess in my lifetime.

    political rant over.....

    Cactus Man


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      Re: Miner In The Pod!

      I think they got them all without incident. Amazing.