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    Re: Lifetime Service Agreement

    Originally posted by CWSmith View Post
    Franki... It's not a "Warranty"!

    I do understand your frustration, but by your own admission you didn't discover this until "years" and you kept nothing that confirms your submission.

    We live in an age where mistakes happen, people don't always do their job, and sh!t just happens. It used to be people would tell you it's "in the mail" and now they blame it on "the computer". But, with stories of people goofing off, mailmen throwing thier bags of mail in the nearest dumpster, and all kinds of other human misgivings... surely one can not drop their guard and totally entrust in either the U.S Post Office, a company's internal distribution system, or some possible minimum-wage person hoping for a less-boring job.

    We've always lived in the face for somebody's neglectfulness or incompetance... protect yourself. Sure it's always somebody else's fault, but it's like walking in the rain, it's nobody's fault but your own if you get soaked! And please understand, I mean you NO disrespect at all when I say that.

    As far as "the thousands" that never register, I would have to agree with that. But don't take that as being that there are thousand of mistakes or thousands who have sent in their paperwork and it's been lost. Let's face it, people generally won't be "bothered". Thousand's won't "bother" to vote and thousands won't bother to take their garbage to the curb, and thousands more, won't take a shower in the morning. But you can bet that a good share of those that can't be "bothered" will be "bothered" tremendously that they're not getting their fair share of whatever.

    CWS, I take your comments in the good spirit in which they are made. My upset is not only with myself but also with what I believe is a unbending, impersonal and unhelpful customer service dept. Maybe it's because I go beyond what the average consumer does when dealing with company reps, so I expect too much in return.

    Let me give you an example of what I mean. Several months ago I ordered three ignitors for my gas grill. When the arrived I discovered they looked right but the dimensions were wrong. I contacted customer service for that company and explained that if a less knowledgable consumer attempted to install and use these ignitors, propane would not immediately ignite because the spark did not reach the burners. There was a strong possibility propane would build up and ignite in an explosion! The immediatley pulled the product from the market. They asked me to send them one of my original ignitors so they could spec it out to a manufacturer, and I did so.

    Although I agree with much of what you posted, I still think there is the opportunity for good customer service reps to see the individual merit in a customer's claims. I don't know hom many of those other unfortunate consumers registered online, and I don't know how many have written thousands of posts on this Forum, but I'm pretty sure about my actions.

    There are some companies that still go out of their way to help consumers, even if there is no warranty in effect. Last season I purchased a replacement set of brushes for my pool vacuum head, by the end of this season they all fell apart. I called the manufacturer to order another set and when I told them about my purchase, the rep said they would send me a new set for free!

    I probably won't get my free batteries from Ridgid since I can't prove my case, but at least they will know I am not pleased with their system and service. We used to have a saying at NYTel "Take the extra step", it was meant to inspire workers to go beyond the bare minimum. I hope Ridgid can go beyond the basic, bare minimum, and see the folks behind the sales, on the other side of the phone or computer. We are not all incompetent, not all liars and thieves. I believe Tailgunner, I think most of the folks who post here believe he is a honorable man and it is unfortunate the folks at Ridgid can't make that connection.
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