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    Re: Drop Light Bulb Alternative

    Originally posted by tailgunner View Post
    I just thought of a good one. You know those drop lights with an outlet built into them? Not only should you design a LED drop light, but with an outlet with built in GFCI protection as well! THAT ought to make OSHA proud!
    Except for the fact that manufacturers would rather use the thinnest gauge possible to supply the light... That way they can sell you an LED light for more money, spend less making it, and claim to be "going green" at the same time.


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      Re: Drop Light Bulb Alternative

      I've been using a couple of these NiMh-rechargeable 24 LED-handy lights from Craftsman. They last a couple of hours and charge fairly fast and come with both wall wart and cigarette lighter chargers. They're currently on sale for around $18.

      They also have a similar 35 LED utility light that plugs in. Both of these have a plastic tube that surrounds the light bar.

      More recently, I purchased one of the little Ryobi Tek-4 LED work lights. As I recall, Plumber Rick mentioned it in an earlier thread and after reading that, I had to check it out. It's got six very bright LED's and the 4-volt Tek-4 battery last a very long time. The light bar rotates and there's a strong earth-magnet built in to the base. Overall, it's small, bright, and does a pretty decent lighting job.

      I hope this helps,



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        Re: Drop Light Bulb Alternative

        Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
        the cfl run a lot cooler and take a drop a lot better than a quartz tube or normal bulb.

        i found that with the newer brighter leds, i rarely even use my cfl.

        Very good point there Rick. I can't stand working in a cramped space and having a hot bulb a foot from my face! That's why I switched to the CFLs
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