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  • lithum ion charger

    Can you charge lithum batteries on a regular ridgid charger

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    Re: lithum ion charger

    As far as I know you can't. I believe you can charge Li-Ion and Ni-Cad on a Li-Ion charger, but Ni-cad chargers only do Ni-Cad.
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      Re: lithum ion charger

      Here we go again.


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        Re: lithum ion charger


        welcome to the forum..but...

        I realize you are unaware as to what topics were discussed prior to you joining. Above is a "search function"

        I suggest you do a search on various topics:

        Battery charger
        charging batteries
        lithium ion batteries and older chargers

        You will find a treasure of worthwhile information in
        the care and feeding of your batteries and not try the patience
        of those bracing for another long rant regarding batteries and hash over old information.

        By the way DO NOT use a Ridgid charger that does not indicate it will play nicely with lithium ion batteries! Most of the charging smarts are
        within the battery itself but the older nicad chargers do not do well and you could damage the battery.

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