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  • tools choice

    as a plumber trainee I'm facing the choice what brand of tools to use.
    In other words why ridgid is better than other plumbing tools?
    How did you make your choice?
    Why ridgid over cheaper tools?
    why ridgid over Rothenberger?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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    Re: tools choice

    first of all welcome, I typed a nice long post for you, but just lost it,

    but the simple of it is Ridgid plumbing tools are some of the best made, and the old line tools will last one a life time, there a quality tool that was made to work and last,
    for the most part you will have a hard time finding a better tool for plumbing,
    (I have Ridgid pipe wrenches that are 60+ years old that work like new),

    If you have a question or want a review ask on this board and you will get an honest answer,

    yes there is monitors on the board here, but they to my knowledge they have not removed any posts that were negative to there products, and that is very honorable of them not to remove negative or positive to a different company, (on many boards of a different brand is said it is soon blanked out if the post is even left),

    the power tools, (drills saws and wood tools) IMO do not hold to the same quality standards of the plumbing tools there completing on price more than quality, but there a good tool and value, but not nessarly the best, (some of them are better than others),
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      Re: tools choice

      ridgid has been around in america since 1923. it also has presence around the world including your country of leuven, belgium.

      while rothenberg might have a large world presence, ridgid is still #1 out here.

      ridgid is a company that listens to what we as plumbers/ pipe fitters/ drain cleaners need and want.

      see if you as an apprentice can get a tour of the ridgid plant in belgium and then you'll see why ridgid

      thanks for coming to the ridgid forum and stick around. lots to learn and lots to share.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: tools choice

        You don't need no stinking tools!!
        Everything is plastic push connect.
        Find a new career path while you're still young.


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          Re: tools choice

          Thanks Guys for all the explanations.
          I also really like the feeling that Ridgid is giving through this forum. I appreciate that there's a forum about Ideas for new tools. Do they actually follow up to those suggestions ???
          I'll definitely try to pay a visit to Ridgid Leuven. Have you been able to visit RIDGID in the US?
          I like plumbing maybe it's the practical feeling about it
          take care!