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    Re: Get Out and Vote!!!

    Originally posted by Flux View Post
    I vote every single year, and today was no different.

    To make a long story short, 2 years ago I had a problem at my polling place, where the democrat people who hand out fliers, got in my face.

    When I walked in, they tried to hand me fliers, and I said " don't need them" and the smart a$$ comments ensued by all 6 of them!!!

    Fists were about to be thrown if they didn't get out of my face, and they understood that completely when I took off my cell phone from me over-all pocket and placed it on a near by table.

    I made a big *** scene, and the election official asked me what was wrong when I walked into the other room to vote. I explained the situation to her, and even offered to walk out with her (she was an elderly lady) so they wouldn't give her crap.

    You could hear a pin drop when I was passionately talking to the election was that intense in there. Everyone was looking at me with bug eyes.

    Well today...

    Only 2 republicans were there to hand out fliers, and they were way off to the side as I walked in the door, and they didn't even try to hand them to me. (they never do anyways)

    The democrat people were not even there!!!! Not one...which is extremely unusual, and never seen that before. In my area, there is ALWAYS a rep from both sides handing out fliers.

    When I walked in to place my vote, there was a constable in there (first time for that lol) and the elderly lady just looked at me with that " oh here we go"

    She smiled and I returned the smile...and that was it.
    I voted and never had a problem with anyone. Do you live in some third world dictatorship?



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      Re: Get Out and Vote!!!

      Originally posted by James P View Post
      I voted and never had a problem with anyone. Do you live in some third world dictatorship?

      Pennsylvania was starting to become 3rd world..that's for sure!!

      But I look at it like this...I don't need Republicans or Democrats standing in my face with fliers.

      I do feel like it's a violation of my rights, and I feel as though I'm informed enough to make my own decision in the voting booth.

      This state has been like this for years....there is always someone trying to hand you a flier before you walk in the door. I loved the fact that when I walked in yesterday, the 2 Republicans were way off to the side, and had fliers if you wanted one. If a Republican would of done it to me...I would of been equally ticked off.

      These reps need to have some manners at the polling stations. It's bad enough people are generally fired up over the political issues, we don't need people trying to intimidate in the mean time.


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        Re: Get Out and Vote!!!

        Originally posted by boytyperanma View Post
        Given the situation described I would pull out my cell phone but not to escalate to a violent situation. Pick it up and call the police to let them know people are attempting to intimidate me on the way to the ballot. I'm a big guy and a skilled fighter if it came down to it I would seriously hurt anyone I got in a fight with but that should always be a last resort. Inviting people to throw down is just asking for trouble.
        I vote in an old age home...which means geritol is in high demand.

        2 years ago, I was by myself when I was surrounded by 6 people, in which I felt threatened. I'm also an N.R.A. member and fully understand the laws in my state when it comes to self defense. I value my right to conceal carry in this state, and would never jeopardize my rights over "inviting" people to throw down.

        Which means...if I started a fist fight over nothing, and commit a felony..I lose my permit to conceal carry.

        Getting in my face in where I can smell their breath is crossing the line, and violating my rights.

        When seconds count, and the police are minutes away, I made a judgement call..nothing more nothing less. Might point got across to those 6 when the entire building could hear my voice go up about 100 decibels.

        My part of the state is notorious for voter intimidation, and that year we had a few issues across the state (especially Philadelphia).

        By me reporting it to the election official, it changed the way business is done at my polling place now.

        To be quite honest with you...I honestly believe the elderly woman had the Police there after I left, but I also believe she wanted me out of the building so I could calm down and go home.


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          Re: Get Out and Vote!!!

          Click image for larger version

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          I heard the experts explain the election results, but I believe this picture tells what really happened yesterday.
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            Re: Get Out and Vote!!!

            Of all that happened this past election day, the saddest and greatest threat to our system of government is apathy.

            I went to my counties election board web page and saw that slightly less than 1/3 of the registered voters took the time to go to the polls.

            But then again, maybe its a blessing in disguise. If you're too dumb to realize that your voice will never be heard or that your choice for office stands little chance of making it w/o your vote, I think maybe I don't want you voting 'cause you'll probably vote some stooge in anyway.
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              Re: Get Out and Vote!!!

              Originally posted by DUNBAR PLUMBING View Post

              I heard the experts explain the election results, but I believe this picture tells what really happened yesterday.
              Republican victory, more bestiality pics for everyone!

              Carl is that you?


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                Re: Get Out and Vote!!!

                If that picture was truly accurate, those two animals would be doing that to the American public! Here in CT we still don't know who won the govenor's race? Seems they also ran out of ballots in some areas.


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                  Re: Get Out and Vote!!!

                  Originally posted by NHMaster3015 View Post
                  Vote early vote often